Modern Eye Makeup Ideas

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One of the most popular recent trends in the beauty field is the ‘Cat’s Eye’ look, where eye shadow and eye liner are used to create a sleek retro design reminiscent of a Cat’s Eye. This look is characterized by sharp points extending the outer edges of the eye, and it serves to make an individual’s eyes appear larger, angled, and sophisticated.

Eye liner is usually used to paint the triangular point of the Cat’s Eye. This painted on shape usually covers the skin from the outer edge of the eye, moving outward towards the temples. Such looks can be found on celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, who was a very notable user of the Cat’s Eye look.

Eye Makeup

Black is the most common color used for this particular style, though any color can be used depending on personal preferences. With that said, eye shadow and mascara will also play a definite role in the creation of this look, as well as a well shaped eyebrow.

To maximize the visual impact of this look, you will also want to consider the overall appearance of your eyelashes. Though mascara will generally do just fine, to really make this image stand out from others, you may consider a product such as ‘Idol Lash’ to really make your eyelashes stand out more prominently.

Idol Lash is an eyelash conditioner, which applies in the same way that mascara does. Using a product such as this will, overtime, lengthen your lashes, as well as give them darker hues and thicker textures. Idol Lash can even be used over extensions.

All you really have to do to get started with the Cat’s Eye design, is determine what colors you are going to use to customize this classic looking, modern eye make up design. Just use your personality and individual tastes to guide you towards the design which will suit you the best.

Other recent popular eye makeup trends to check out, include: ‘Smokey Eyes’ in varying colors, Bright Eye Shadow colors, and Under the Eye Eyeliner.

You will always want to ensure that your eyelashes “pop” though.

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