Men’s Guide to Styling Polo Shirts

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A polo shirt is any shirt with a t-shaped design and a placket style buttoned collar. The polo shirt may or may not feature a pocket, but is usually considered to be business casual, or semi-casual. Many men chose to wear polo shirts because they are comfortable, usually seen as ‘nicer’ than a T-shirt, and can be quite flattering if worn properly. However, many men have no idea how to wear the polo shirt, as it can be more difficult to style appropriately than a basic T-shirt.

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Jeans with a Polo Shirt

Jeans can easily be worn with a polo shirt, but usually you should choose a darker wash with a straight leg. Because the polo shirt is slightly fitted, the jeans will look better if they aren’t overly loose, but wearing the jeans too tight can look somewhat awry with the polo shirt. Avoid both skinny and baggy jeans in this case. Usually a tighter polo shirt will look better with the jeans, because it will look slightly less formal than a perfectly fitted one. Since jeans aren’t normally formal, the overall look will be that of semi-casual, but be aware of your appearance.

With Shorts & Dress Shoes

For an effortlessly casual ‘on vacation’ look, try sporting a colourful polo shirt with beige or khaki shorts and dark brown or black dress shoes. Avoid showing your socks unless you want to appear elderly, and consider pairing the look with a tan and a statement watch to finish it off. While you can’t take this look everywhere, you can certainly wear it around.

Coloured Trousers

Pairing coloured trousers with a contrast colour polo shirt can create a stylish and attention grabbing look. While you will look chic and fashionable, you’ll also look like you ‘don’t care’ about standard men’s fashions, mainly because of all the colours. This look is best paired with white or black shoes such as tennis shoes.

With a Coat

A polo shirt is easily paired with a coat or blazer to create an instant chic look. The collar peeks out above the coat to show your individual style and the coat that you wear over it can range from an expensive blazer, pea coat, or even a bomber jacket for a slightly more grunge style.

There are hundreds of options for styling a polo shirt and this guide only covers the basics. Once you’re familiar with wearing a polo shirt, try mixing it up a bit to see where it takes you. Polo shirts usually look good under most circumstance which is probably why they are so popular.

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