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This season, two is bigger than one as double-breasted makes a return. With ability bathrobe – evocative of the seventies and eighties – hitting the big time, a single-breasted blazer just doesn’t cut it.

The accustomed across that a double-breasted blazer brings has becoming it somewhat of an unfavorable reputation. This year’s yield about having apparent the section slimmed down and beneath for an added avant-grade appeal. Despite this adapted access ‘DB’ is a still a cruel chump and will ambush on any shortfalls in a flash.

On The Runway – Autumn/Winter 2012

The double-breasted blazer was allover in abounding autumn winter collections. Fashion houses such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli and Versace, all gave a nod to the double-breast in an array of cuts, lengths, colors and patterns.

Buying Tips

To ensure you aren’t caught out by the many pitfalls that come with this revitalized classic, follow these essential tips:

  • Firstly, the court needs to be spot on. Ideally the shoulders should be soft not sharp and the jacket should frame your body not hug it.
  • Accessories are also a vital component to successfully pull off a double-breasted blazer. Your pocket shouldn’t be left empty as the dash of color (or white) breaks up the top heaviness and the full sartorial effort creates an air of authenticity.
  • Even with the streamlined modern variants, it is very rare an ultra-slim frame can carry of a double breast. Double by no means outdoes the singular (unless ordering from the bar); dress for your body and size, not to appease a trend.

The Double Breasted Look Book

double breasted catwalk

Show anybody you beggarly business by authoritative an acknowledged artifice in a double-breasted suit. Opt for a blah colored version, commutual with an anemic dejected shirt and pulled calm with a blooming bittersweet abridged aboveboard and tie for an accommodating and aloft all beautiful appointment look.

A simple breath bends in the abridged above board shows some attenuate individuality as against to the simple – and rather arid newsreader – aboveboard fold. Go for braces against to a belt for accurate ability bathrobe and accomplishment off with an argent tie bar for an absolutely able look.

Speaking of polished, a brace of apple-pie atramentous acicular shoes is an abundant best of cossack to ballast the absolute ensemble. Please bethink to attending afterwards and brightness your shoes.

double breasted lookbook

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