Men’s Fashion – Chewing Tobacco is not Stylish Anymore

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Men’s fashion is all about the display of style and masculinity. Some consider bike riding or flexing of muscles as something very hot while others consider smoking and drinking to be an adventurous feat. With the increase in awareness about health and fitness, men have realized that giving in to bad habits is not a big deal and thus taking a U-turn from the path of addictions has become the latest trend in men’s lifestyle. More and more men are found hitting gyms and sticking to a healthy lifestyle in order to follow their icons’ style and charisma.

Chewing tobacco is one of the dreadful bad habits whose main after-effect is recognized in the form of oral cancer. People in the habit of keeping tobacco inside their mouth for long reported the problems of headache and burning sensation in their mouths. The prolonged use of tobacco resulted into complete damage of gums and teeth line and severe cases showed the loss of cheek skin and muscles.

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Finding Alternatives to Chewing Tobacco

Habit of chewing tobacco needs to be eradicated completely for ensuring men’s health. Some of the options that can be considered in place of chewing tobacco are:

1. Herbal Chews: The use of herbal chews can have a positive effect on the health of an individual. The chewing of nicotine less items like nuts and fruits (apple, guava etc) gained popularity among health aware individuals. People who have habitually fallen for tobacco can switch to carrot that require long chewing session keeping the mind and body of an individual diverted from the craving of chewing tobacco. Chewing carrot or apple after dinner will also help in increasing the intake of carotenoids that are good for eye’s health.

2. Chewing gums and Sunflower seeds: The best way to find solution to the addiction to tobacco is chewing certain healthy substances that last long. Sunflower seeds and shredded gums have become favorites among players who need something in their mouth to counter tension and excitement. Longer chewing period of beef jerky is also helpful in achieving the feel similar to that of chewing tobacco. These chewable stuffs should be kept in stock whenever the urge for tobacco re-surfaces.

3. Take up a Hobby: Keeping yourself engaged in favorite hobby or any pleasant activity can help an individual reduce the crave pertaining to chewing tobacco. Going for long drives, biking or dancing to foot-tapping music are some of the fun activities that can be performed to stay away from the addiction of tobacco. However, you need to win over the urge even when you are busy with your favorite acts.

4. Tobacco-less Snuff and Chew: There are certain alternatives devised by identified companies that are healthy to replace tobacco chewing. Snuff and chews made from non- tobacco substances can be used to wean off the craving for tobacco.

Quitting tobacco has more to do with the mental strength. The fixation towards keeping the jaws in motion needs to be replaced with similar activity to come out of the clutches of addictive tobacco chewing. Switching to fake dips introduced by a number of manufacturers are preferred by those addicts who have stuck to tobacco for a very long time and want to take first step towards quitting the bad habit.

Control of your urge and following a steady practice are the two key areas which must be mastered if you are keen to give up your tobacco habits. You have to practice a disciplined approach to get rid of this habit in the quickest possible time.

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