Men’s Clothing: All You Need to Know about Polo Shirts

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There is an extensive list of things that you could learn about polo shirts by asking the owner of a clothing store, a clothing line or searching on an internet website. However, a lot of what you will find is excessive, meaningless and invaluable to you if you are only trying to find the invaluable points that you need to know about polo shirts.

The Man behind the Shirt

7-time Grand Slam tennis champion Rene Lacoste didn’t feel as if the tennis attire that was popular at the time was comfortable for playing. Therefore, instead of just dealing with it, Lacoste decided to make a change. He designed a white, short sleeved shirt that was loosely knit and made of pique cotton. It had a flat, protruding collar that was not starched along with a buttoned placket and what became known as the “tennis tail”.

He premiered his creation at the 1926 US Open championship. Since he was known as “The Crocodile” in the sports world, he stitched an emblem of the crocodile on the left breast of all of his shirts. Over the years, this specific style of shirt grew very popular with other sports – such as golf and polo. It eventually branched off into being worn by golf caddies, sports announcers and other non-athletic business environments. Before long, these shirts joined the world of fashion overall as they are even now being worn with jeans, slacks and dress pants.

High Quality Fashion for Low Quality Prices

There is a lot of power within a good quality polo shirt that many people can easily underestimate. The moderately low quality pricing for these high quality shirts is great because they are acceptable for anyone on any budget.Most designers provide high-priced polo shirts that may cause you an arm and a leg. However, it doesn’t take much to realize that you can find great deals on polo shirts that look and feel just as great when they are being worn.

Polo Shirts Are Versatile and Flexible

Unlike most other casual shirts, polo shirts have the versatility of being able to be worn in almost every environment. For a professional business look, you can tuck these shirts into a nice pair of slacks or dress pants. For a night out on the town, you can wear them over the top of your jeans with either a nice pair of dress shoes or a fresh pair of sneakers. You can leave the shirt buttoned for a professional look or unbuttoned for a casual, relaxed look.

Polo shirts also come in an abundance of different colors so you can literally find a polo shirt to match almost any colored outfit. In addition to the color of the actual polo shirt itself, you can enhance your outfit by wearing a different color undershirt that could also accentuate the overall look.

If you have a basic knowledge of these classic shirts and become skilled at using them within your wardrobe, people will easily perceive you as being a fashion expert.

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