How Often Should You Get A Massage

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Getting a massage is usually seen as a luxury. Something that people do just for the experience and just for the fun of it. But the truth is, getting a massage can be a need for a lot of people. The benefits that getting a massage provides you can positively affect so many things in your life.

While it is true that massages or any other type of bugis spa services aren’t necessarily cheap, the health benefits alone are well worth your money. Most people think about it as paying for just one hour to a couple of hours of service and paying so much, which is why they conclude that it’s expensive. But another way of looking at it is you’re paying for the ambiance, the relaxation, the pain relief, the stress relief, and so much more. Yes, the service only lasts for an hour to a couple of hours, but the benefits stick with you for way longer.

But how often do you actually need to get a massage? Is there a point where it’s too much that you’re actually doing more harm than good? The short answer here is yes, there is a point where it becomes too much. Is there a point where it’s too little that you might not really be getting any benefits? The short answer here is no, because even if you only have a massage once, you still get the benefits from that massage. But, there is an optimal frequency of getting a massage to where you can get the most out of it. And it all depends on what you want to get out of your massage. Let’s take a look:

Get A Massage

Getting A Massage For General Relaxation And Health Purposes

Each person has different stress levels that they have to deal with daily. This stress can be either mental, physical or emotional. For those of you who are only going through light stress, the optimal frequency of a massage for you is once or twice a month. Examples of this group are college students, people who work in repetitive jobs that don’t require physical or mental labor, people who don’t usually exercise, people who work from home, etc. Of course, this is still a case to case basis. You can be working from home but still undergoing a lot of stress. Generally though, for people who live low stress lifestyles, getting a massage once to twice a month is enough to get the health benefits and to relieve stress.

Getting A Massage Specifically For Stress Relief

A lot of people are living high stress lifestyles. These can be people who work in fast paced and high risk environments, or people who are going through a lot of emotional turmoil, or even those who travel a lot. A few specific examples of this are lawyers, doctors, brokers, graduate students, medical residents, people going through a divorce, etc. Again, this is a generalization because a lot of people who are living a stressful lifestyle can manage their stress accordingly. But for most of us, getting a massage once every two weeks or once every week is optimal. This prevents the buildup of stress and therefore helps deter all the health risks that come from too much stress. There is something about knowing that you have a massage scheduled that already helps to relieve stress as well.

Getting A Massage For Actual Body Pain

First of all, if you are under severe pain in any part of your body, the best course is to get yourself checked by a doctor. This way, you can get a clear answer as to whether what you are feeling is serious of it is something that will pass or can be treated at home. Once you have done this and you are given the green light to undergo massage therapy, you should also ask your doctor about the frequency of the massages that you should get, and maybe even what type of massage. Treat it like a prescription where you need to know the type of medicine as well as the dosage. In general though, people who have severe pains are given a gradually decreasing frequency. For example, you could be told to get a massage in a bugis spa once or twice in a week for the first week, and then only once the second week, and so on. Or, depending on how your body responds, you may be kept at once or twice a week for a couple of weeks.