Making Jewellery Match Your Skin Tone

  • Sumo

Picking out the ideal piece of jewellery can be a very intimidating task, especially if it is not for the individual that is going to be wearing it. There are many things that must be considered along the way. However, one of the biggest challenges comes down to a very simple question – gold or silver?

First and foremost, individual taste must be considered. Do you, or in some cases somebody else, prefer gold over silver or vice versa? This is an easy task if you are buying the jewellery for yourself, but can become tricky when having to buy for somebody else. The simplest way to go about doing this is just by paying attention. What do you see them wearing the most of? Or if you are buying for yourself, what do you feel like you look good in? No matter what, silver or gold, the most important thing is that you enjoy wearing whichever you choose to buy.

Cool skin tones

Of course, this is not to say that one will not look better than the other. It is also very important to consider skin tone when deciding between the materials. There are two distinct skin tones, cool and warm. To distinguish which one you have its important to find an ideal place on your body to look, typically the wrist works best. People who have a cool skin tone will typically have a more of a blue colour to their veins and may also notice a pinkish or rosy-red colour when looking in the mirror. Eye colour can also be a factor, but typically it can run the gambit from blue, to brown, to green. Most people tend to have more of a cool skin tone; this includes those who have dark or tanned skin. If you conclude that you do fall into this category, consider silver or white gold as your best jewellery accessory option.

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Warm skin tones

On the flip side, you can have some individuals who have more of a warm skin tone. Once again, the wrists are a good place to start; people with this tone will notice a more greenish hue to their veins. Upon looking in the mirror, they may also notice that they tend to have more of a yellow or even golden-apricot glow to their skin. As with a cool tone, eye colour can be just about anything, but it should be noted that people with natural red, orange, or strawberry blonde hair usually have more of a warm tone. The same can be said when their natural hair colour is more brownish, with a hint of red. More often than not, people who have darker skin are not typically of a warm tone. The ideal jewellery for people with a warm tone tends to be gold and if we are to pick a particular collection, this Sydney Evan jewellery, created by Rosanne Karmes could be a good way to go.

Clothes matter

Another thing to consider when picking out jewellery is your current wardrobe. What colour outfits will you be wearing the most of when you go out to show off your newest piece of beauty? Once again, it comes down to the ideas of warm or cool. Typically though, gold looks good with just about anything. When considering wearing silver or white gold, it is best to wear them with a cooler colour outfit. However, there is also the option of a neutral colour, such as white or black, to make your silver and white gold shine out and look absolutely wonderful!

So now we get down to the hardest decision of all, actually picking out our favourite piece of jewellery once our tone and clothing choices have been analysed! Using the above tips, this will surely be the hardest part. However, like I said from the get go, what matters most is that you enjoy and sport whichever you choose with the utmost confidence.