Make A Style Statement With A Cool Titanium Inka Necklet

  • Sumo

As the name goes, an Inka Necklet is one that is inspired by the ancient Peruvian tribe of the same name.  Most of their designs are made up of stocky pieces of polished stones, shells etc.  They have a woven look with different pieces held together in place and when worn it hugs the neckline.  They can be broad or just a single strand.  Colorful beads and shells make it a classy piece of jewellery to own.

The modern trend in jewellery design is to use non-conventional metals like Titanium, Steel etc.  Titanium is a very versatile metal for designers to work on as the outcome of their designs is stunning and they have a very contemporary feel to it.   Many designers, inspired by the land and culture of Peru have put together some stunning pieces of jewellery.  One such is the cool Titanium Inka Necklet, which is really a fabulous piece of jewellery.

Titanium Inca Necklace

Titanium is hypoallergenic and non-corrosive.  It is strong and dense and at the same time lightweight.  Since most of the Inka Necklet designs are thick, titanium is the best choice thanks to the lightweight factor.  Some of the designs have geometrical patterns while others have funky pendants on thick chains.  There are also plain chains available too, to use with different pendants.  The traditional choice of metal for Inka designs was silver.  Titanium is better for the reason that it does not tarnish and is scratch resistant.  Storage is also relatively easy.  Its shine stays permanent and so has a better aesthetic look and is relatively cheaper too.  It also offers the possibility to introduce different colors in the pattern since enameling and embossing on Titanium produces a good result.

There are various health advantages of using titanium in jewellery as titanium is known to have a few therapeutic properties. Plenty of research studies have been conducted to verify the veracity of the claims that titanium has magnetic properties that assist in the blood flow and flow of oxygen in the body. The studies have found that the claims are true and indeed titanium has medicinal properties. It was also found that the magnetic properties in titanium help in alleviating pain in the body. Titanium also has energy boosting properties and if you wear titanium jewellery then you will feel energetic the whole day. In fact, many athletes and sportspersons swear by titanium and use titanium jewellery in some form or the other to increase stamina and overall fitness levels.  So if you wear titanium jewellery then you are using a metal that helps in your overall well-being.

Trendsetting Inca Necklets make a good gift as it is well appreciated for the innovative designs and is suitable for formal and casual clothes.  Even though they predominantly have thick designs, Titanium gives it the class due to its smooth and silvery texture.  It will not pinch the pocket too because the metal is much cheaper than other precious metals.