Look Slimmer In Time For Christmas With Beauty Treatments and New Outfits!

  • Sumo

Christmas is a joyous occasion that everyone loves, and one that everyone wants to look great for. Chances are you’d book in some beauty treatments and buy some new outfits for the festive season regardless; so follow these tips to have treatments and buy outfits that will help you look slimmer! Here’s how to look your best at the Christmas party:

Beauty Treatments for Slimming Down

Inch Loss Body Wraps

Inch loss body wraps can be found at most spas and salons. They are the perfect treatment to have just before Christmas, as you can lose several inches in just an hour; no gym or diet required! A therapist will simply scrub you down, apply a gel designed to draw out toxins, then bandage you up tight and leave you to relax for an hour. Your measurements should have been written down on a piece of paper at the start, so afterwards you have proof of the inches you’ve lost all over your body!

Beauty Treatments for Slimming Down

Non Surgical Lipo

Non surgical lipo is also performed at many spas, salons, and clinics. The non invasive treatment has many varying forms, including the spot delivery system by Syneron. Simply choose the area you’d like to concentrate on and watch the inches melt away! Perfect for slipping into that slinky number.

Outfit Ideas for Slimming Down

The clothes choices you make can make a huge difference to how slim you look too.

Black on Black

Black is perfect for helping us to look slimmer, whether that’s in the form of a little black dress, shirt, or trousers. Try to stay away from white as this can make the skinniest of people appear thicker.

Peplum Dresses and Tops

Peplum dresses and tops are perfect for accentuating a teeny tiny waist and giving the perfect hourglass figure.

Shaping Underwear

Shaping underwear is essential; most celebrities wear it! Try to get something by Spanx, depending on the kind of outfit you have planned. You can purchase underwear that flattens your tummy, smoothes your legs, and makes your waist look waiflike.

Illusion Dresses

Illusion dresses are all over the place, and are your perfect partner during the festive season. They are usually bodycon style, but have a clever pattern on them (vertical stripes, for example) that draws the eye a certain way. This makes you look much slimmer!

Wear Heels

Heels are loved all over the world and have been for years, with good reason. Heels were originally designed to achieve a more rounded bum, a bigger bust, and a flatter stomach, and guess what? They work! Slip on a gorgeous pair of heels to go with your chosen outfit and you’ll look beautiful for your Christmas party.

Now you can look like a superstar at your all important Christmas party. Try to look after yourself in other ways in the weeks leading up to it too, with moisturising, eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and anything else that could improve your appearance. Say hello to a slimmer new you this Christmas with these tips!