London Fashion Week: ‘Designer Drinks’ Are Also On The Catwalk

  • Sumo

London Fashion Week is one of the annual must-attend fashion events in the world. Anyone who is in the fashion industry descends on London to check out the latest fashions and hang out in trendy spots around the capital to enjoy a fashion-inspired drink.

In keeping with this, many drinking spots as well as prominent upmarket hotel chains that cater to some of the well set attendees added a few London Fashion Week designer drinks to their menu in the weeks before the event begins. This meant that at one point it was quite possible to be checking out the latest from TFNC London one minute, only to then be sipping on one of the drinks that were themed on the event. To highlight just how prominent the fashion week has become, we’ll now take a look at some of the tipples that donned the capital during the famous week…

Dorchester Group

The Dorchester Group owns a number of hotels including the famous Dorchester Hotel. They like to get involved with fashion by offering a Fashion Prize each year to bring attention to the emerging fashion designers attending the fashion event. This year the bartenders at the Dorchester Group become further involved by creating a special cocktail list of drinks that featured from September 6 to early in October at their hotels in London, Paris, Milan and Geneva.

london fashion week

Team Effort

Annelie Augustin, Odély Teboul, and Stefano Cossio from Bar 45 developed a tequila cocktail that was inspired by the Calla Haynes’ collection this year. Full of blackberries, lime juice, crème de cassis and thyme honey, it’s exotic to say the least.

Back to the Prohibition

Designer Quentin Veron worked with the Le Richemond’s bar team in creating Black Southside. The main liquor is gin, with this cocktail sneaking in some cherry syrup and blackberries to evoke an image of going back in time to the Prohibition era.

Designer Collaboration

Louis Gerin and Gregory Lamaud worked with William Oliveri from Le Meurice to come up with a new kind of drinking experience that mirrored the black colours that are common in their Les Garcons’ collection this year. In doing this, they felt inspired enough to create Nuit Noire, which uses vodka as its base, and adds blackberry liqueur and some other more secret ingredients to the mix.

Corinthia Hotel

The Bassoon Bar at the Corinthia Hotel developed a series of special cocktails to celebrate certain designers on the catwalk this year. Jean-Pierre Braganza came up with the Saville Row Stitch-up, a drink to match his blazers this year. The drink combined Scottish whisky aged at least 12 years, Lustau East India Sherry and grenadine syrup that’s made at the Bassoon Bar apparently.

Eley Kishimoto Bar

With something a little different, the Otley Brewing Company over in Wales decided to host bar at Eley Kishimoto’ launch party. Not to be outdone during fashion week, at the party, the company launched two beers of their own creation too. A German-inspired 07 Weissen and Thai-Bo, a highly unusual Thai green curry flavoured drink. It was felt by the company that their eclectic collection of modern beers appeal as much to women as men these days, and that as the London Fashion Show continues to evolve, so should beer.