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What to Look for When Buying Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best ways to make any outfit feel like new again. The top stylists will always tell you to invest in fun accessories because they can make or break a look. If you want to find great trendy costume jewelry, then consider visiting jewelry wholesalers in your town. You will be able to find a wide selection of bags, necklaces, rings and more at a great price at one of these stores. Keep in mind the quality and uniqueness of a piece when buying it. You do not want to get something that everyone owns! Therefore, try to not only pick out things that you love, but that are special as well.

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The great thing about accessories is that they will always fit you no matter what size you happen to be! You can always count on your jewelry and accessories to keep you in high style even if your clothes are a couple of seasons old.  Stylists will tell you that you should spend more money on a nice handbag and shoes. However, when it comes to jewelry- there are no rules! This means that an inexpensive, but beautifully intricate bib necklace will look great with your LBD or jeans. You do not have to play it safe when it comes to jewelry because it is easy to change. Look to vintage inspired pieces or vintage itself when it comes to buying your jewelry. You can also score some great finds at estate sales, and jewelry wholesalers.

Must Have Pieces for the Modern Woman

Just like with your wardrobe, there are some jewelry pieces that every woman should own. For example, every girl needs a strand of pearls. This is one fashion look that will never go out of style. Plus, you will have your pearls for the rest of your life. You do not need to buy an expensive strand, but they should be real. Freshwater pearls are very affordable and perfect for someone on a budget.

A charm bracelet is also a must have. It does not have to be one cultivated over years of traveling. It can be simply one you saw in your favorite store. Every woman also needs a statement necklace. This can be anything from a long multi-colored beaded necklace to a three strand diamond choker. It does not matter where it is from or how much it was. A statement necklace will make any look both modern and sexy. This is true for all jewelry pieces that you buy. As long as it makes you feel like a million bucks, then it is worth every hour you spent searching for it.

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