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Light up LED trainers, shoes and casuals are the most preferred and trendy footwear at present. Light up shoes come in different colours and designs and they have a strip of led lights that run along the edge of the shoe which lights up when you switch it on. Hence, they are called light up shoes. It is an ideal gift for youngsters and people who love to party.

Why use light up shoes?

People prefer light up shoes for the novelty factor. It makes a party a colourful affair. Dancing in a party with the Led lights on is fun. It makes people notice you. The light up shoes works in two modes the solid colour mode and multi-light setting mode which flashes up to seven colours which surely brightens up the party.  Even in single colour mode you have an option to choose the colour and set it. This way, you could set the colour that suits the dress you are wearing. The seven colours are red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple and turquoise.


How do the light up shoe work?

The Led lights work using the power from the battery. The batteries are chargeable just like how you charge a mobile phone. The battery and the switch to on and off the light are placed securely inside the shoe itself and are hidden from sight. The battery can be charged fully, within 2 and a half to 3 hours and when charged completely, the light up shoes work for up to 10 hours. A switch to turn on the led itself will cycle through the colours with every press and help you fix the colour you need in the standard mode. And when you cycle past all the settings available the Led is switched off.

Is it available in all sizes?

The light up shoes is available from size 6-13 for men and sizes 5-12 for women. Size 3-7 are the sizes in which it is available for adolescents. All you have to do is to take the foot measurement and check it with the size chart and select the shoes.  If you are in-between sizes it is best to choose half size up.

Buy light up shoes

Light up shoes can be purchased online. You can browse and find out the various brands of light up shoes compare the quality and price and then make a decision. Also look out for returns policy of the seller. The Led are prone to damage during transit, and the seller must be ready to refund your order or post you another pair free of charge so, take a look at their refund policy. You could make use of coupons and deals in the internet to reduce the cost. But most of the time these offers are made for the first time purchase from the seller only. You have the options to register and receive notifications too. Check out if the payment platform is secure. Verify if the cost mentioned is inclusive of the battery and the USB charging cable.