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Over recent years, street style has become an influential and expanding area of the fashion industry. Initially the preserve of bloggers – in the spirit of street fashion photographers such as Bill Cunningham – photographing random people in the street whose style had caught their eye, it now takes its place at the heart of fashion’s demi monde.

Most of the major fashion magazines have developed their own take on the street style idea, including contemporary trends in their pages and on their website. The original bloggers have gone on to secure book deals and are feted by fashion houses as individuals with their finger on the pulse of urban fashion.


The rise of the Internet, with its sense as a democratic space where anyone could carve out a niche, meant that bloggers could bypass traditional media avenues and interact directly with viewers of their site. The street style idea was to show fashion in the raw, on the street, as people were wearing it in their day to day lives. Forerunners such as the Sartorialist and Facehunter grew an audience that wanted less of a divide between high fashion and their own way of dressing. The two spheres of the fashion industry – the bloggers and the traditional houses – are now merging and influencing one another, with bloggers invited to fashion shows and in return detailing how street style has influenced collections.


So what are some of the trends that Street style chroniclers are currently highlighting? Play Street Style Bingo by counting how many of the trends below you have seen first hand on the street…


Demin has long been a staple of any discerning person’s wardrobe, but it goes through shifts in trend like anything else. The summer style of frayed denim shorts will extend into autumn with slim and skinny jeans featuring distressed decal at the hem and the pockets.

latest street fashion trends


Satchels are the must-have bag at the moment. The trend for vintage accessories continues so an old second-hand bag would be bang on trend. Smart shirts with feminine ruffed collars and single-coloured sweaters also feature.


This summer, particularly at the music festivals that street style bloggers have begun to attend, the trend was for vintage-style long floaty dresses, accessorised with large sunglasses and star hats.

Bold colours

Bold colours have been everywhere this season. Tangerines, electric blues and purples are statement colours. As the season changes to autumn these colours are featuring more as details and in accessories than the main colour of an outfit.


The current trend for accessories is large and plentiful. Signature rings and chunky bangles are everywhere on the streets of New York particularly. Gold rather than silver predominates.

Country chic

A slightly masculine take on country style is also one of the key trends for the coming autumn. Short-cut jackets in russet colours, tweeds and smart leather shoes are some of the features to be exploring.


Layering of soft, longer pieces is a key trend this autumn. The tendency is for one piece – not the outside one – to be patterned, while the remainder are simpler.

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