The Four C’s of Lab Created Diamonds

  • Sumo

Today, you can find lab created diamonds that are no different than diamonds that are removed from the earth expect that the ones created in a lab are grown in a machine in the same environment that is found in the depths of the earth. This means that the 4 C’s you would find with a real diamond are the same you would look for in a lab created diamond.

The four classifications for diamonds are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


The cut is not necessarily the shape but the amount of light that enters through the top of the diamond and reflected back to disperse through the top. Many people believe the cut to be the shape such as princess, marquise, round, or others, when in all actuality it is more or less the brilliancy and scintillation. When a diamond is cut correctly, the light that enters will be properly dispersed back through the top facets of the diamond. If the diamond is cut too deep or too shallow the light will disperse through the bottom so the actual beauty of the diamond will be lost.

lab created diamond rings


Diamonds whether mined or lab created come in every color. The most worry about the color of diamonds is actually the ones that are found in the white or colorless range. The GIA rates the color of white diamonds from D which is colorless to Z which is a light yellow.

The best color of course would be colorless as the light can pass through the diamond with ease. The grades of color begin with colorless being the best and then slowly sliding down the scale. The changes in color are often very hard to distinguish for the common person therefore it takes a person with years of experience to grade the color of a diamond.


Clarity is nothing more than the blemishes or flaws found on any diamond when magnified 10 times. GIA rates diamonds from flawless to imperfect 3. Almost every diamond has what is known as an inclusion or what some call a birthmark. This small flaw interrupts the light passing through the diamond, so the fewer flaws the more brilliant the diamond will be.


Carat is the name used when measuring the weight of a diamond. As the weight of a diamond increases so does its price due to the rarity of large carat diamonds. A one carat diamond is separated into 100 points which means if a diamond has 50 points it weighs .50 carats. Two diamonds with the same carat can and will have different prices as the price is not only determined on the weight but also on the cut, color and clarity. To learn more about lab created diamonds and real diamonds please visit