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When one thinks of fashion, the first image that comes to mind is that of a model and a ramp. Such live fashion shows are only watched by a few people and a large majority of us have only seen it on our television sets at home. Most of the times, the attires that a model displays seems to be just made for the ramp. A common person can hardly imagine purchasing it with the usual huge price tag attached. Hence they are almost inaccessible for the general population. In my opinion, Fashion should become more popular and reachable to larger number of people. It should not only fascinate viewers from far distances but should be affordable and accessible too. Hence, when fashion becomes the channel that can reach from ramp to closet, it truly makes a mark and achieves the purpose.

best korean fashion clothing style 2012

The International Fashion Week

One prominent stream of fashion that is successfully making waves both on stage and on streets is the Korean fashion. It should not be taken by surprise that many Asian fashion designers and especially Koreans are continuously flaunting there styles in every new fashion show organized. They were present with flying colors in the recently held international fashion week in New York which later moved to London and will then be showcased in Milan and lastly Italy. This means all fashion capitals of the world will experience the rich taste of Korean fashion. The new Korean fashion Shop has truly become mobile and popular as part of the international fashion week.

All New-All Korean

Korean fashion displays the latest trends of 2012 fashion. The use of pastels colors which is becoming a new feature with all the leading fashion designers is completely absorbed by Korean fashion too. The new popular colors seem to be pale sorbet, baby pink, light hues and yellows. They are not only used for dresses but also for accessories like purses and shoes. The other frequently displayed trend in 2012 is the peplum accent. They have become a part of everything from a skirt, to blouse and even a complete dress. The mobile Korean fashion shopis richly absorbing these new trends.

Another prominent aspect of Korean fashion which makes it more popular among increasing number of people is that, it has efficiently translated these newer trends of the ramps to their presence in closets. Hence, it can be easily said that Korean fashion shop with its increasing mobility is making a marked presence all over the globe.

One such online Korean Fashion shop that is truly popular for ramps and street fashion is coco-fashion.com. All the attires there are fascinating on ramps, yet affordable to be purcahsed by common people.

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