Keep Your Weight Loss on Track with a Weekly Log

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Log Your Weight Loss

One of the hardest things to do when starting any new diet is to keep up with all the new rules and regulations any dieter sets for themselves. The easiest method to combat this is to monitor your food intake using a weekly log. Just by jotting down everything it is really easy to see what kind of impact the food you eat on a regular basis is having on your system. If you attend almost any weight loss meeting or program you will hear the same thing…keep track of what you eat.

One of the easiest things to do is keep a small journal or notepad and jot down what you’ve eaten for the day. Suddenly you become more aware of how many servings you are eating when you sit down for a meal. It is also pretty easy, in this day and age of technology, to find the calorie and nutrition information for any food product you may be having.

Weight Loss

One example is if while dining out at an italian restaurant you find yourself attempting to decide what type of entree you might have, and looking at the menu you suddenly realize that the options are limited in regards to low calorie entrees. Pasta dishes, although tasty and some of the simplest of Italian dishes to make, is also high in carbs and, depending on the sauces, high in calories as well. The same thought process applies whenever you find yourself at a restaurant or even at home cooking for yourself.

If you do not want to join a weight loss program, but you are still interested in logging your meals, one of the easiest solutions is to get a small daily calendar, then all you have to do is jot down what you had, with which meals, and then possibly the nutritional information as well. As a bonus if you are adding exercise as well you can keep a log of that as well. in that way if you skip or cheat it is harder to ignore. The concept of the journal, or weekly log, is to help the dieter face the biggest obstacle, which is themselves. Honesty is hardest when you have to face yourself, and dieting is no exception.

The weekly log is just an aid in the dieter’s journey to better health. It helps act as a guide, but the ultimate goal is to create a structured daily routine. In the end this is the only way to change and recreate oneself. Once the bad habits are eliminated and the healthy patterns are formed, then the weight loss can really start to be seen.

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