Jewellery for Men: Pieces Every Bloke Should Own

Men of the past used to frown upon wearing jewellery, claiming that it was only for women and felt less masculine should they be forced to wear any. However, in this modern day and age, jewellery for men is an absolute must! Don’t worry, you’re not expected to cover yourself in sparkly jewels. We simply expect you to accessories to compliment your outfit nicely. Here are the pieces that every bloke should own as standard:

An Earring

Some men think that having an earring is girly, and if you agree, we won’t force you to wear one. However, you don’t need to wear a big sparkly number like David Beckham, a plain stud would do. It doesn’t have to be located in your lobe either; try the forward helix for something a little edgy!

A Necklace

Leather necklaces can look really cool on men or a platinum/gold chain can give you a really urban feel. Depending on your style, you might also like to try dog tags or biker jewellery with stones such as onyx.

A Ring

When men wear rings, the important thing to remember is to remain simplistic. Don’t cover your fingers on both hands – only women (and pirates) can get away with this. Choose a simple ring to wear on one finger, and make it a chunky band to ensure that it still looks masculine.

jewellery for men


Bracelets are a very popular fashion accessory for men, worn by trendy celebrities like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Leather bracelets look great, as do more ‘friendship’ style bracelets and even steel. You could even show off an artistic sign with a wooden beaded bracelet. Layer your bracelets of different widths and materials to create a cool look.

A Watch

A wrist without a watch is considered naked by some. Do you have a watch? If not, you need to get one pronto. This should be one of the most important jewellery pieces you own, if not the only piece! Make sure you choose a watch that reflects your personality, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gents watch is a great choice! A good watch is a great investment, and will last for years and years. In fact, a watch is no longer just something to tell the time – it’s a fashion accessory and status symbol. Get one now!


Cufflinks should be a staple in your accessory arsenal, and the style you choose can vary from simple and understated to flashy and extravagant. You can wear this everyday for work (depending on your job. We don’t recommend that roofers wear them), or simply save them for special occasions like weddings. You can find cufflinks in any material you like, and even some that incorporate semi precious stones into their designs. There’s a set for all tastes and budgets!

We don’t expect you to wear all of this jewellery at once; a necklace, lots of bracelets, rings, and cufflinks would look way too much on one person at one time. Make sure you find the right balance, for example; a watch, a few bracelets, and your pierced ear. Have fun experimenting with your style!

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