Jeans vs Chinos: Which Comes Out On Top?

Why Jeans?

Jeans are one of the most popular garments in the fashion world today and have been for a very long time. The market for men’s jeans is huge, and the variety of fitting and style options simply serves to supply anyone, regardless of their taste. Denim is also one of the most durable fabrics used in fashion, making men’s jeans a long-lasting and popular wardrobe choice. Especially for the male who isn’t a fan of a trip to the shops regularly, men’s jeans which look great and last for ages are a must-have item.

Men’s jeans remain popular for so long as they can be worn by men probably up until they are in their sixties. After that, it is usually advisable for men to move to a more sophisticated look, such as formal trousers. In terms of longevity, men’s jeans probably lead the fashion world.

Jeans vs Chinos

Chinos: An Alternative

There was once a time when anyone seriously sporting chinos as an alternative to men’s jeans would be mercilessly made fun of. Particularly in recent years, however, chinos have emerged as a more than credible alternative to traditional styles of men’s jeans. One major plus point for chinos is that they can be made in a variety of different colors relatively easily, and certainly offer more flexibility in this area than denim. Like bright colors, contrasts and pastels have come to the fore in men’s fashion over recent years, chinos have easily found themselves a place in most wardrobes, both alongside jeans as well as an all-time alternative.

So Which Is Best?

Jeans vs. Chinos

In reality, it depends on many factors, predominantly on your look in general. That being said, as chinos are a more colorful and daring option to men’s jeans, they are definitely aimed towards younger wearers, which does limit their longevity and target market. To wear certain colors of chinos often requires a certain level of confidence, too, while anyone can don men’s jeans without too much to worry about.

Men’s jeans are perhaps the more flexible product, as chinos tend to all be close-fitting while jeans can be skinny, loose, super baggy, or whatever style and fit the wearer is looking for. Men’s jeans also stay accessible for longer, as long as they aren’t attempted to be worn after the age of 65. Men’s jeans will remain the wardrobe staple of choice for men of all ages, while chinos offer a great alternative depending on individual style.