It’s Finally Time for Comfy Fall Weather Wear!

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So, I’m never happy about summer ending for the obvious reasons like not having as much time to sleep late or hang out with my friends. Not to mention no more hot days for laying by the pool (even though my mom keeps yelling at me to put on like SPF 500!)

But like my Dad says, all good things must come to an end. (I don’t think he actually made that up. Probably Shakespeare or some other writer came up with it – don’t make me Google…)

wear fall weather

Back on the subject…in spite of school starting, doing homework and going to bed early, I was trying to come up with good things to say about fall and cold weather. The first thing I thought of was the hoodies I pushed to the back of my closet last spring so I could get to all my tanks and halters. Side note: This geeky looking guy, Van, said hoodies for girls made them look like nuns, especially the black ones. But what does he know. This hot guy, Evan, gave me a compliment on my favorite hoodie…

fall weather outlook 2012

Hoodies make getting ready for school super easy. I can wear jeans and change up the look with a different hoodie. Helps cover up that little muffin top (I’m not fat – my low rise jeans are just tight!) And a nice and cozy hoodie keeps my back warm and away from weird Van’s creepy stares. He sits behind me in English class and Micah says she thinks he likes me. Ewwwwwww!

Anyway, the thought of wearing all my really cute hoodies made me think this time of year isn’t that bad after all. They’re so soft and I can express myself with all the cool styles. Of course I got Mom to buy me more. I found some super cute hoodies for girls at the mall and a couple online. You can never have enough. (Did Shakespeare say that too? Probably.)

Anyway, here’s my top 10 list of things that make me happy about fall:

10. I don’t sweat as much.

9. Tunic tops over leggings.

8. Knee boots with short skirts. (almost makes up for no flip-flops.)

7. Hot chocolate (with little marshmallows, please)

6. Football games (great place to wear a hoodie, right?)

5. Wearing my fleece jammies (don’t judge!)

4. Snow (and the matching hat, scarf and mittens that go with it)

3. New lineup on TV (Glee’s my fave)

2. Hoodies (You’re surprised this is number 2, aren’t you?)

And the number 1 reason I LOVE fall: I get to see Evan at school. (He can sit behind me in class any time…)

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