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International Women’s Day 2012

Realizing the critical role and participation of non-urban women’s, the theme of International Women’s Day 2012 is Inspire Rural Women – End Craving for food and Hardship.

Key members to international financial systems, non-urban women play a critical role in both developed and third world countries — they boost farming and non-urban development, improve food security and can help reduce hardship levels in their areas. In some parts of the world, women signify 70 % of the farming employees, composed 43 % of farming employees globally.

Reports expose that if women had the same entry to effective options as men, they could improve makes on their plants by 20–30 percent, raising 100-150 thousand out of craving for food.

Medical care, knowledge, sex inequality and restricted access to credit, however, have presented a number of problems for non-urban women. Further, the international food and overall economy and coffee have annoyed the scenario.

international women's day 2012

It is approximated that 60 percent of constantly starving individuals are women’s and girls. Yet, the Food and Farming Organization reports expose that efficiency profits from guaranteeing equivalent access to plant foods, seed products and tools for women could reduce the number of starving individuals by between 100 thousand and 150 thousand.

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