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With the height of summer rapidly rolling around, the new season of interior design will soon be upon us. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or your place just needs a little TLC, you’d do well to research the upcoming styles for summer in the world of interior design. Gone are the warmer terracotta colours and lined full length curtains, and in walks an ushered new era of summer design.

The (Re)Introduction of Floral

Floral patterns have long been the haunt of high fashion and the catwalk, but since their glory days of the 60s, they’ve been left outside of the household. Flowers are experiencing somewhat of a rebirth this summer, but you have to ensure that you search for quality. When done right, they can be an amazing extension of nature to an interior but if you punt for a cheaper design; you could find yourself with an eclectic and unsightly mixture. Pay attention to nature and you’ll see which colours can blend together. Repeating patterns should be avoided in this guise, try and find some random and natural throw cushions which imitate the wayward nature of greenery.

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Throws and Covers

Practicality has nudged us into selecting darker colours for our sitting rooms, in fabric furniture and carpets. Beige has lost its place as a favourite colour for sofas, being replaced with browns and blacks in an effort to make stains a forgotten memory. This is all very well and good but when summer arrives, your sitting room will very quickly feel oppressive as it absorbs the sunlight. It isn’t sensible to replace your seating as the seasons tick by, so consider looking for a throw or a cover. Avoid floral patterns, repeated or natural, for flowers don’t work so well in large quantities. Consider covering your dark sofa with an Egyptian cotton throw, blueberry or sky will work very well to soften the ambience.

Rugs and Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are an absolute dream in summer, as they provide a constant cool temperature underfoot. In the vein of seasonal interior design, they also provide an upkeep of the ‘bring outdoor in’ school of thought. Remove all of your rugs, particularly the thick pile ones, and scrub, mop then shine the floor. A marked and dull laminate floor will take the gleam from the room. If you need to keep a rug down to cover any stains, choose a kilim or a thin cotton variety. If you’re laying a wooden floor for the first time, entertain pines and poplars.

Pastel Colours

Who said that pastel colours have to be washed out? The lighter variations like jade white and chalk burst lend a fantastic feeling of air and space to a summer sitting room. Experiment with the connection of both matte and gloss, where it used to be a huge no go zone for interior design; it’s becoming an excellent experiment. If you have to swing in one direction, matte ameliorates.

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