Inject Some Lace Into Your Wardrobe

  • Sumo

Lace has been a big feature of the catwalks for a few seasons now, and there is no indication that it is about to disappear any time soon. Many women are put off wearing lace items as they feel they are fussy or frumpy, or dislike the all-over lacy look which you get from a lace dress or blouse. There are however several simple ways to keep up with the trends, get some lace into your look and feel comfortable at the same time.

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Less is More

If you’re not sure about the lace look, then keep the “less is more” mantra in mind when shopping for new clothes. Look for dresses which rather than being all-over lace have a lace panel at the top or on the sleeves, a lace camisole top which is designed to be covered by a shrug or bolero jacket, or tops with lace collars. There are even socks and scarves made from lace, so it’s easy to buy into this look. Just remember that if you’re wearing a lace camisole, stick to plain trousers and jacket to give the look more impact.


The very look of lace makes us think back to the past in terms of clothing and accessories, so it’s no huge surprise that the market in vintage lace is booming. There is really no comparison between modern, mass produced lace and vintage lace which was hand made with care and was originally very expensive. Vintage lace is not cheap, but it is the best thing to buy if you are planning on making your own accessories or using small sections of lace to customize your clothing. If dressmaking using vintage lace sounds too much like hard work, scour the vintage shops, car boot sales and auction websites for delicate lace gloves or shawls.


The elaborate, lacy look is popular with jewellery designers as well as with fashion designers, and the ideal thing to match with your lace is jewellery which is fancy rather than plain. Ditch the plain hoop earrings and instead opt for something like the Martine Wester earrings range which as intricately designed and will tie any lace look together. Take care with necklaces if you are wearing a lace top or dress as a fancy necklace and lace too close together can look overly fussy. It is best to experiment with different combinations of clothing and jewellery to get the look you feel works the best.


Although lace has always been available in a wide variety of different colours, nearly everything which is available currently is black, white or natural shades of beige or ecru. Bear this in mind when rummaging in charity shops for bargains as there will be a reason that bright yellow lace top has been discarded by the previous owner. Also, if sticking to black and white it is easier to match an outfit together; a simple white lace blouse will work as well with your favourite pair of jeans and some nice earrings as with a smart work suit.