The Importance of Windproof Umbrellas

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Up Up and Away

You are running late for work and already spilled half of your coffee on your pants.  You get out of the subway to realize that it is raining. The storm is pretty bad and the wind is whipping around.  Quickly, so you don’t look like a disheveled mess when you get to work, you take out your umbrella and start hurrying down the street.  All of a sudden there is a giant gust of the wind that tries to pull the umbrella up and out of your hands. You’re a fighter though and hold on tightly refusing to give your umbrella to the wind.  At that very moment, your umbrella is pulled inside out.  Now the rain is pouring down on you and your umbrella is now broken.  This story could very well happen to anyone.  An easy way to solve the problem isto Purchase a windproof umbrella and make sure you stay dry no matter how much wind!

Windproof Umbrellas

Think of The Savings

Buying a windproof umbrella will not only keep you dry, but it will also help you save money too! Think about how many umbrellas that have purchased over the years.  How many of those were broken in a storm that had a little too much wind, making the umbrella blow inside out?  Buying a windproof umbrella will stop this from happening ever again.  You will not have to keep replacing all those broken umbrellas. Windproof umbrellas have a strong rib system that allows for more movement in the waterproof material. The ribs of these umbrellas are also sometimes made out of other material than metal, such as fiberglass, allowing the whole structure to bend and move with the wind more.  The material on these umbrellas is also havingair-vents that are covered.  These allow the air to escape the umbrella but do not allow the rain to enter. With all these improvements you will never have to worry about your windproof umbrella breaking in the wind.

It is Worth the Money

These windproof umbrellas don’t even cost that much! They are basically the same price as any other decent umbrella would cost, only they will last even longer.  These umbrellas can handle winds up to at least 60 mph without blowing inside out, ripping, or tearing.  That is pretty impressive! So why not save some money and stop buying umbrellas that will break in the long run. Not to mention, windproof umbrellas come in all different designs, colors, and styles. You can have a solid colored umbrella, or you can have an umbrella with bright colors and patterns. You can have an umbrella with pictures, or maybe you will like one that has polka dots.  Either way, make sure you pick the windproof umbrella that really portrays you!  Deciding to upgrade to a windproof umbrella will be a great decision that will ensure you stay drive during every windy rain storm for years to come!