How to Travel in Style

  • Sumo

With Spring Break right around the corner and summer following close after, the stress of planning vacations can seemingly outweigh the enjoyment of traveling. One particularly stressful aspect of any vacation is packing. Whether you pack too much or too little, it is often difficult to discern what and how much to bring with you. Luckily, we’ve found two perfect bags to ensure you have everything you need with you, without having to lug around a monstrous suitcase everywhere you go. Baggallini offers stylish bags with extreme functionality, perfect for your vacation, wherever you may be going!

baggallini triple zip bag

The first must-have bag for your vacation is Baggallini’s Triple Zip Bagg. This tiny companion is perfect for the sight-seeing, shopping, or touring days on your trip. The Triple Zip Bagg is lightweight and water resistant, and the perfect size to fit comfortably at your hip. It comes with an adjustable strap, allowing you to use the bag as a hands-free crossbody. Better yet, take off the strap and hook it on your belt, or throw it in a larger bag as a wallet! With four secure, zippered compartments, this little bag will hold any money, passports, tickets, makeup, or personal items you will need during the day.

The second bag we found is the Only Bagg by Baggallini. This perfect-sized tote is fantastic for days when you need to carry more with you. Take it to the beach or an amusement park and you will have everything you need. The Only Bagg is also water resistant, and contains three large compartments with seven zippered pockets. The bag even features a removable coin purse and cell phone holder! This tote is not only comfortable to wear on your shoulder, but also can fit extra clothes, books, food, and water bottles perfectly.

All Baggallini purses and bags come in a variety of colors and patterns, ensuring style as well as functionality. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny cruise or touring an exciting, new city, rest assured knowing you have everything you need with you, perfectly packed away in your too-good-to-be-true bag!