How to Throw an All American Frat (Themed) Party

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Frat parties – some people love them, others, not so much. However, no one can deny their existence as a fundamental American college experience.

If you somehow managed to miss out on this questionable experience, or you simply didn’t go to university in America, don’t worry – you can throw your own. Frat parties, while often morally repugnant, do have some fun aspects, if they didn’t they wouldn’t still exist, right? So here’s how you can throw a fun frat-themed party, minus the not so nice parts.

1.       Beer Pong

A staple in an American party – it’s the game of champions. I personally love beer pong, it’s a great icebreaker. It’s also a game you can play multiple times without getting alcohol poisoning, and most people love some good competition.

Table tennis balls are really cheap and as for tables, any long/big table should do, but if you’re planning on playing often I’d suggest investing in a real beer pong table. Amazon sells foldable ones and I’m sure you could find them at stores as well.

I knew someone who bought one of the foldable tables off Amazon and painted the top in the theme of her university; school colours, motto, mascot and all. After painting the table, to protect it from all the inevitably spilt beer, she fitted it with PVC fabric, super easy to clean and kept her table looking awesome.

Why not decorate your own beer pong table? You can outline where the cups are to be placed and write the house rules on it (elbows, bounce rules) or decorate it with whatever you want.

red cup

2.       Jungle Juice

Another clichéd element of a frat party is the jungle juice. Jungle juice is usually made up of whatever alcohol the frat brothers have left over from other parties mixed with Kool-Aid.

Instead of mixing up some gross typical jungle juice that tastes like sugar and death, why not make a big bowl of frozen margaritas? Or a tasty, fruity rum punch?

3.       Keg

What’s a frat party without a keg? Essentially just a huge tin barrel of cheap beer, it probably wouldn’t satisfy a real beer connoisseur, but it’s good enough for cheap college students.

4.       Clothes

The ‘frat boy’ look is a very specific look. You could spot a true frat bro from a mile away.

To pull off this look you’ll need polo shirts. Pastel polo shirts, when it comes to dressing like a frat bro think Easter bunny colours. You’ll need a baseball cap, if you can get one with the name of your university on it – perfect. Khaki pants are a must. And to top it off – boat shoes. You know the kind your grandpa wears?

Great, now you’re dressed for the part go enjoy your stereotypical frat boy college party! And don’t forget to pop that collar.

Would you add any games or elements of fun to your frat-themed party?

Feel free to share more ideas below!

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