How to Throw a Birthday Party in Style

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This post gives a number of top tips for hosting a birthday party in true style.

Party Planning

When it comes to organising a party, whether it be your own or on behalf of someone else, there are always a number of things that you need to include. Most of your focus will probably be on making the party as big and as amazing as it can possibly be, so that you and your party guests have a memorable time and never forget how great an evening you have had.

Of course, planning and hosting a memorable party is easier said than done – what can you do to make sure that your party hits the heights of style that you need it to?

Have a Theme

Give people a reason to want to come to your party and make it something for them to look forward to. One way to incorporate this spirit and get everybody in the mood is to have a specific theme. This can be from the dress code to something altogether more off the wall, such as “come dressed as your favourite cartoon character” or a simple colour theme.

This also works brilliantly as an amazing icebreaker for partygoers who may not know each other personally. Breaking down barriers between people is a great way to liberate them and allow them to have a great time.

Book a Fireworks Display

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Whether you buy fireworks and get a family member to take care of them, or have a professional display set up, fireworks are a great way to grab everybody’s attention and add excitement and suspense to an occasion. While fireworks in themselves are an excellent addition to a special occasion, they can be a great diversion while a birthday cake is set up, for example, or re-organisation of a venue is carried out for whatever reason.

Adequate Supplies

There is nothing more annoying, or embarrassing, depending on the side of the problem you are on, than going to party which runs out of supplies. We’re not talking about ensuring you have given enough money for a free bar, if people want a drink they can take care of it themselves! Our focus here is on food, especially if people are having a sit down meal and you have had to get a hotel to organise catering for hundreds of people.

Save yourself the hassle here by avoiding anything too formal. Sitting down to eat is fine, but arrange a buffet style set up of self-serve meals, for example, to save yourself the stress if it all starts to go horribly wrong.

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