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Finding a swimsuit of the perfect color, cut, fit and size is difficult enough, and having to repeat that process is a pain. Do yourself a favor and take proper care of your swimwear so that it lasts you so long that by the end you are sick of it. And how can such a feat be achieved? Read on to learn the best ways to take care of swimsuits.

Hand wash after every use

After using your swimsuit, make sure that you hand wash it. Even if you wore your swimsuit and didn’t end up swimming, you still need to wash it as even perspiration and sun block can damage the fiber of the swimsuit, leading to discoloration and breakdown of the spandex. And when washing, stay away from washing machines, hand wash the swimsuit instead using mild hand soap as laundry detergents are too harsh on spandex. Wash in cold, tap water for the best results.

Gentleness is the key

Do not wring the swimsuit to remove excess water after washing, it is not the kitchen towel. Instead lay the swimsuit inside a towel, roll up the towel and gently squeeze it to remove the water from the suit. Needless to say, do not put the swimsuit in the washer or the dryer, as the excessive heat can damage the material. Even putting the swimsuit in a mesh bag will not work as the spinning and agitation is too harsh for the suit. It can cause the bra cups to crumple and lose their shape. For best results, simply let your swimwear dry naturally.

How to Take Care of Your Swimwear

Keep it away from direct sunlight

Of course when you are wearing the swimsuit it may seem difficult or annoying to do so, but direct sunlight causes the color of the suit to fade. Minimize this by drying your suit in the shade or indoors, away from the direct glare of the sun.

Do not wrap swimsuit in a towel

After a day of swimming or relaxing on the beach, it is common to take off the swimsuit, wrap it in the wet towel and stuff it in the beach bag. That is a terrible way to treat your swimwear. The towel retains heat and chemicals which are bought in close contact with the swimsuit, leading to deterioration of the latter.

Do not iron

This should be obvious. But in case it is not, make sure you keep the swimsuit away from the iron, regardless of how wrinkled or creased the suit seems. The excessive heat will destroy your swimwear. If the wrinkles are really bothering you, dampen the suit a bit and the creases will fall out.

Carla has been working in a swimwear store for several years and has helped many people finding the perfect bikini or monokini. Carla is also a regular blogger on lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogs.

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