How To Stun Everyone With Platinum Blonde Hair

  • Sumo

A striking sun-kissed colour, platinum blonde hair is sure to get heads turning. A popular colour amongst the celeb world, actresses such as the famous Gwen Stefani and world-renowned Reese Witherspoon have sported this gorgeous look. A colour created to stand out from the crowd, ladies should make sure their hairstyle is doing their colour justice. Here are four great ways to stun everyone with dazzling, platinum blonde hair.

platinum blonde hair

1) Curly Locks

Platinum blonde hair needs to be showcased. In order to get attention from family and friends with their fantastic new colour, ladies should create as much volume as possible. The bigger hair is, the better the colour will look. Women with naturally curly hair should simply run a handful of mousse through hair, from roots to ends, after showering. Let hair dry naturally to minimise frizz and get those curls styled to perfection. Ladies with naturally straight hair can use a curling iron to get those lush-looking curls which will highlight that bright, vivid colour. 

2) Pump up the volume

Another great way to create volume in order to get that platinum blonde hair standing out is to form a quiff on the top of the head. To do this, ladies should take a front section of hair and scrape it back, pushing it up as they do so. Secure using a clip and then use liberal amounts of hairspray to get it positioned as high as possible. Pinning back the rest of hair will also compliment this style perfectly. With full volume locks, eyes will be drawn to that striking platinum blonde hair. Another great way to create volume is to tie a hippie style headband around the top of the head, thus pushing up those lush locks and causing eyes to cast straight to that glittering, new colour.

3) Long and Glossy

Many celebs who have rocked platinum blonde hair have shown off the dazzling colour by wearing hair long and glossy. To get this long and luscious look, showcased in the past by Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga, ladies will need to ultimately have a lot of patience. Growing hair takes a long time and is a process which requires more care, rather than less. Ladies should make sure they don’t neglect hair whilst it grows by keeping up with regular trims and using a deep conditioner to get rid of those split ends. A great look for those who have the patience; long locks are truly a superb way to get that platinum blonde hair looking shoulder-flicking fine.

platinum blonde hairstyles

4) The Pixie Look

The pixie look is no doubt one of the best styles for showcasing platinum blonde hair. Worn by the pixie princess herself, singer Pixie Lott, this style will make that platinum blonde hair colour stand out in the way it was always intended to! A short crop with lots of choppy layers along with a cute, layered side fringe makes the pixie look complete. Ladies should use hair gel and mousse on this style every morning to maintain volume and show off those sweet, choppy layers. Giving ladies a fun, ethereal quality, this flatters platinum blonde hair beautifully.


These four ways of styling platinum blonde hair are sure to get heads turning from all directions. From wearing hair long and glossy to cutting it into a short, pixie style, there are a range of different ways to best showcase this dazzling colour. With so many great styles for platinum blondes, ladies will have no shortage of choice.