How To Make The Most Of Your Chinos This Summer

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Understanding Chinos

To make the most of a new set of chinos and capitalise on the best outfit ideas, it is important to really differentiate them from the traditional denims, and other types of trouser, which are already in your wardrobe. As chinos are potentially a completely new outfit idea for you personally, you need to ensure you have other items that you can use to create a definitive, all-round look, based on your lower half.

As with any outfit ideas, a large part of what you buy to build an outfit will depend on the colour of chino you have gone for. There are so many colours available this year, so be as adventurous as you like and explore the exciting new world which wearing chinos will open your eyes to.

chinos summer 2012

Blue Contrasts

Possibly the biggest thing about chinos in 2012 is how they contribute massively to this year’s hugely popular “casual tailoring” look. Although not a tailored item itself, buying into well fitted chinos and pairing them up with smarter clothes will leave you looking amazing and feeling more confident in your style than you perhaps ever imagined.

Grab yourself a pair of white shoes or plimsolls to wear with your blue chinos to begin with. Now we will add the tailoring contrasts. Ideally, add a check shirt in a light pastel colour, with which you can add a bold, dark block coloured tie, such as a blue or black. A V-neck jumper in a dark red should then be worn with it, before finishing off with a blazer in red pastel. Building an outfit in this way will give you a sharp look and great contrasts throughout.

Not everyone wants to wear tailoring though, so what are the chino alternatives?

Going Casual

There are two main ways to approach chinos if you are keeping away from the smarter look. The first is to go completely relaxed, and wear them with sandals and a loose fitting top, such as a beach shirt or even a vest. Chinos are a great idea for colder days, and can look amazing matched up with heavy knitwear if there is a deep contrast. Try turquoise green chinos with a red patterned jumper to make the most of your appearance. For these outfit ideas, the footwear is pretty much up to you, however a simple, casual plimsoll will most probably work better than a summer shoe such as an espadrille.

Join the chino revolution now, and build your own outfit ideas that do not revolve exclusively around denim.

Stylepilot is an online personal stylist that provides you with outfit ideas by the use of their DNA Style tool. Investing in a pair of chinos is a no brainer this summer, but knowing what to wear them with is the tough part.

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