How to Maintain that Special Vintage Watch

  • Sumo

The antique watch market is experiencing a boom that doesn’t look to taper off anytime soon. Classic watches from Jaeger-LeCoulture, Omega, Patek Philippe and more are seeing record sales in the biggest auction houses in the world. There are many reasons why these watches (some over 100 years old) are so popular. One of the biggest reasons is more romantic. When you buy a vintage watch, you’re buying into an idea and a lifetime of dedication from a watchmaker as all of these exquisite timepieces were designed and crafted by an expert watchmaker. When you buy a vintage watch, you’re buying something that cannot be replicated because it is one of a kind.

Purchasing a vintage watch is not a split second decision. If you desire a vintage watch, you have probably looked into the history and value of that vintage watch, making your purchase more unique and worthwhile to you. So once you buy that special watch, how do you take care of it to ensure that you can hold on to it and enjoy the vintage timepiece as long as possible?

vintage watches

You should put the same care in maintaining your watch as the craftsman did when creating it. Here are several steps to take to make sure your investment is protected.

• Storage You wouldn’t store a valued wine in a hot, muggy environment, nor should you store your watch in less than a desirable place. Sunlight can damage the outer varnish, and humidity can affect the watch’s movement mechanism. Watches are best kept in cool, dry and protected areas away from any form of damage. The best storage option is in the original box or a case made specifically to store fine timepieces.

• Wind Your Watch If you own a watch that needs winding, wind it daily or regularly enough to make sure that the watch runs correctly and is displaying the time and/or date accurately.

• Get a Watch Appraisal At Least Once a Decade Getting a watch appraisal at least once every ten years is needed for insurance purposes and ensures the watch is in good shape and has maintained its value. Additionally, you should get your watch serviced every five years or so for maintenance reasons. Just as you would take your car for routine maintenance, you should do the same for your watch to keep it in working order.

Vintage watches are just one of the many luxuries of life. To keep your vintage watch in pristine working condition, be sure to take a few precautionary steps. As always, if you have questions about a watches working order, quality or worth, contact a watch auction to schedule an appraisal.