How to Look Hip and Cool While Getting the Best from the Gym

When going to the gym, you want to look your best even while working up a sweat. It is good to get a good routine completed and still look the part, in case your friends pop in for a session.

Here are three ways to look cool while getting the best from the gym.

What Guys Should Wear in the Gym

Wear in the Gym

While guys might see the gym as a bit of a macho thing or showing off for the ladies, the women are there to actually work out. While they’re working out, women don’t want to see men posing or with too much hanging out. For this reason, guys should avoid wearing mesh shorts that aren’t long enough to avoid a wardrobe malfunction while stretching on the mats.

A wicking performance t-shirt is a good idea. They’re made from breathable fabrics and while you might not look like Dwayne Johnson in his Project Rock Under Armour attire, you’ll still be nicely contained. For men who get their sweat, avoid the tank top; a basic t-shirt is an acceptable second choice. The casual hoodie is a modern touch for when you have showered and changed before heading home.

Ladies can find some Gym Dress Sense Tips Here.

What Guys Should Wear in the Gym

Setting Yourself Up for Success

While looking cool in the gym is preferred, it won’t help you get results. A dedicated look on your face and having a plan are more impressive than looking at the part but failing to follow through.

  • Start with your commitment. Most people quit the gym after starting in the New Year. Don’t be that person. Set your fitness or weight goal. Make a firm commitment.
  • Plan how you’ll get there. Organize your workouts to alternate cardio with weights and swap the weight routine between the upper and lower body. Your muscles can heal between sessions.
  • Make exercise part of your week. Schedule the workouts to ensure they get completed. Don’t skip a session unless you’re sick or injured or an emergency comes up. Avoid creating a habit of skipping workouts.
  • Track your progress. It will be slow at first. Push through for the weeks and months necessary to achieve meaningful results. No shortcuts; they do not work.

Discreet or Out There with Your Tattoos?

Unless you have a small tattoo, it’s best to be discreet about them. Not everyone appreciates a foreboding tattoo on a person next to them while they are trying to run on a treadmill. However, for smaller tattoos, that’s not a problem. Quite often they’re in places that aren’t easy to hide anyway.

If you have gotten a special tattoo in Bangkok when on a trip out there, maybe you’re happy to display it at the gym. In which case, go loud and proud if that’s your thing. Just be sensitive to whether some gym-goers might find the tattoo or words in it offensive, as you’re there to exercise, and not get into a dispute.

Now you have some good tips, you can look cool and trendy while focusing on your fitness goals. That’s a perfect win-win.

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