How To Look Great At A Summer Party

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Getting It Right

One of the most difficult things to do is to ensure that you are dressed well for the occasion. Choosing what to wear for a wedding or birthday party can be extremely difficult, especially as the invite did not specify any specific dress code as such. The waters become muddied even further when you realise you won’t know that many people at the event, so if you drop a clanger the mockery will feel real instead of just “friendly banter.”

Which men’s styles are available this summer to ensure you always look great, and fit the occasion you are attending?

Summer Weddings

The single biggest men’s style issue with summer weddings is the heat. You really want to get a decent wool blend suit, but know that in doing so you will be drenched in sweat, which we all know is never a good look. If the wedding is taking place in a summery location, then a linen suit could well be the way to go. If you can get a suit which will keep you looking suave without stealing the happy couple’s thunder, then all the better. Go for a lighter colour, such as beige, and pair it with a light shirt and bold tie combination to ensure you tick all the etiquette boxes and remain cool and collected.

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Neighbours Barbecue

There are two ways to go on this one. Again, there may well be people you don’t know, so avoid the men’s style which allows for t-shirts with obscene messages on them. At the same time, if you know it is going to be a close circle of your friends, who understand your sense of humour, then you can pretty much wear what you want. Dressing for a barbecue is pretty standard, so we will focus on the accessories. Keep in mind the need for a decent hat and a pair of sunglasses. It is easy to forget the sun, especially if the beers start to flow.

Hitting the Clubs

Should you be heading out at night-time, it will be crucial to remain cool during the summer nights. Ensure you are dressed in the best men’s style for looking great and feeling comfortable during your night out. That means a relaxed shirt, or a closer fitted t-shirt, put together with chinos or relaxed fit jeans, depending on your tastes.

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Get your men’s style choices right this summer, so you do not unintentionally become the main talking point of the party.


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