How To Keep Your Pearls In Good Condition

  • Sumo

Many people will agree that there is still a certain amount of class attached to wearing pearls, either as a necklace, a bracelet or earrings. There is quite a timeless quality that comes from them and they can add something to your look on so many different types of occasion. Keeping them in a good-looking state is certainly crucial to experiencing these benefits and here are the ways that you can help to ensure this.

Wipe them down after being worn

Whenever you remove your pearls after wearing them you should always make sure that you wipe them straight away. You can do this with a cloth that is both soft and free of lint and it is important to do so in order to wipe away the kinds of substances that can come into contact with the pearls when you have been wearing them. It is up to you whether you decide to use a damp or dry cloth to wipe the pearls but if you use one with moisture on then you should only put the pearls away once they have dried.

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Last on, first off

It has been found over a long period of time that the best way to put on pearls is as the final part of your outfit. If you were to put them on before your fragrance, your moisturiser and suchlike then these things can have a detrimental effect upon how well you can maintain the state of your pearls. It also recommended that you take them off before removing anything else.


On most occasions it will be more than enough to simply wipe the pearls down when you have finished wearing them but there may well be other times that require you to clean them more thoroughly. As you would when you are wiping them, use a soft cloth to clean the pearls with soapy water as opposed to covering them with it. Look for a solution of soap and water that is as mild as possible and free from the harsher substances that could cause damage.


You can come across conflicting pieces of information when it comes to how to store your pearls and this can be confusing but you may want to take notice of this particular tip. Locking the pearls away too tightly denies the moisture that many believe it requires, so try to find a place to keep them that manages to stop this from happening.