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This article is aimed at men who want to ensure they have their pick of the best styles this winter.

Getting on Board

Many people would call fashion the ultimate bandwagon. What other term could be used to describe an industry where attitudes towards particular things can sway so vigorously from one minute to the next? Something that you would term as not being anything like stylish today could well find itself in stores by the end of the year, while those lines that currently are enjoying flavor of the month status could find themselves thrown on the style scrapheap sooner rather than later. With men’s style proven to be such a minefield for even the savviest of men’s fashion followers, how are you going to ensure that you don’t fall foul and know what’s in this winter?

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Best Place to Start

The first place to look for awesome winter style advice, and perhaps the only place you will need to look, is online. Avoid online stores and catalogues that are promoting something particular – of course they are going to tell you that they are selling the best, most stylish clothes around! We’re not for a moment saying they are lying, however by finding a more impartial source of information you will be much better equipped with the information you need to be successful when it comes choosing brilliant winter style. Instead, check out independent fashion blogs, or sites that look at clothes from a wide variety of designers and retailers. By following some of the best blogs around, you can be sure to take advantage of top fashion tips as well as get the first word on what some of the most stylish items of the winter months are likely to be. If you, like many of us, don’t have the time to sit down and read blog entries on a regular basis, there are other steps you can take.

Social Media

Whether it is short, sharp ideas from a site such as Twitter, or a visual of what excellent winter fashion looks like from a Pinterest or an Instagram, there are many ways in which you can use social media in order to keep in tune with what is going on in the fashion world. By ensuring you follow some of the most influential, authoritative bodies in the industry – these may be designers, retailers, or even style critics – you will be giving yourself an exclusive all access pass to the very best style and design ideas for the winter. Never buy a magazine or spend time reading a fashion blog needlessly again, get social savvy and see the impact it will have on your style.

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