How To Find Discounted Designer Women’s Shoes Online

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Every woman should have at least one pair of feel-good designer shoes. They’re perfect for every day wear, if you can afford a few, or for that very special occasion. There are several hundred brands of designer shoes and prices range from the affordable to the ridiculously extravagant. The higher end brands are out of reach by price and availability to the masses. These might only be attained by celebrities, the very rich and upper class member of society. If you like designer brands, you can probably purchase knock-offs which are decidedly more affordable that the authentic versions. A better solution, however, would be to learn how to find authentic designer shoes at heavily discounted prices. This last option is better for the economy, better for your pockets and certainly better because nothing beats the original. Here are some ways to find discounted designer shoes online.

Women's Shoes Online

Shop Auction Sites

Auction sites like eBay and many others feature lots of designer shoe wear at heavily discounted prices. Auction sites work on a bidding system, so you’ll have to use tactics to outbid others who might be interested in the same shoes as you. There might be a few Buy It Now auctions where you can purchase the shoes directly without bidding. Take note of the seller’s reputation before you buy because you won’t want to end up with shoes that are not authentic.

Shoe Online Departments Stores

Some department stores reduce last season’s designer shoes in an effort to offload their current stock and make way for new stock. Sign up to your favourite sites so that you’re notified when they’ve discounted their stock. At most reputable department stores you’re always guaranteed authentic items.

Shop Sample Sales

Hit pay dirt by shopping sample sales directly from your favourite designer. The sales feature stock from the current season or heavily marked down goods from the last season. You no longer have to visit the designer’s brick and mortar store to take advantage of these sales. Sign up to become a site member and you’ll get the inside scoop on any upcoming sales. Get ready to purchase as soon as you’re notified because the stock is depleted within hours.

Discount Department Stores

These are department stores of another kind. Discount department stores purchase excess stock directly from the designers, or get cosigned goods from department stores at extremely low prices. They are able to pass the savings on to consumers, who can purchase designer shoes for 30-80% off the designer’s suggested retail price.

Shoe Clubs

As much as you try, you won’t be able to find out about all the designer sales if you try to do it on your own. There’s no better way to catch sales that you’re unaware of them by hearing about it from ardent shoe lovers. Join a club or forum that is dedicated to shoe lovers, and listen in for upcoming specials and sales that you can get in on early.

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