How to Dress the Lanky Body

Tall guys have it all. The adulation of women and the envy of other men. They can reach that last can of beans hiding at the back of the kitchen shelf that us mere mortals would have to use a stepladder to get to.

There is one thing, however, that all lanky men go through in life, from the professional basketball player to that tall, friendly teenager that hangs at the shopping mall – they all look ‘twiggy.’

You see men who are both tall and thin face a bit of a challenge: on the one hand, they have to try to avoid that ‘lurch-like looming presence, and on the other, they have to try not to get lost in baggy, loose-fitting clothes.

But fear not, there is salvation no matter how tall and thin you think you are. With a little know-how and a few tricks of the trade, you can be looking as sharp and well dressed as any other guy.

How to Dress the Lanky Body

Ditch your style

The first thing you need to do is to shed your current attire. That pair of jeans you thought was awesome? Get rid of them. We all get comfortable wearing the same type of clothes, not thinking twice about what we wear on most occasions. But if you really want clothes that fit your body shape, you need to be willing to try new styles and step out of your comfort zone. Initially, this may seem daunting but after a few trips to the changing rooms, you’ll be hooked!

The equation to looking good

Believe it or not, there are things you can do to appear visually shorter and fatter. By adding clothes with horizontal patterns, and wearing layered clothing like vests or jackets with many pockets are simple ways to achieve this. Try going for clothes that don’t necessarily follow symmetry or have some kind of detail that will draw the eye to your torso, rather than your overall height.

Fitted clothes are a must

Especially when wearing suits or other formal wear, invest some time and money in visiting a tailor or at least finding suits that fit well. Spare cloth billowing over your trousers or ballooning in awkward areas can seem unsightly. Grab a measuring tape and find out your measurements.  After a time you’ll know which sizes work and which don’t without having to try on each one, saving you a lot of time and energy whenever you go clothes shopping. Certain retailers are better than others in this regard as well and if we were to pick our favorite, Cockney Rebel Fashions would be right up there. If you visit their website you’ll see more about what they have and due to the ‘designer’ nature of this brand, it’ll be easy to find clothes that fit your figure.

Jackets are a tall man’s best friend

Sports jackets, suit jackets, and blazers to name a few. They are your secret weapon, as they add mass around your chest and shoulders and pad out your overall frame, giving you a more masculine look. It can be hard to find jackets that fit and don’t cost the earth, so a good tip is to ask a tailor to adjust ones you buy off the shelf.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be soon on your way to becoming a well-fitted style icon.