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One of the biggest trends to come out of the summer has been colour blocking; the act of wearing huge swaths of vibrant and bright, rich colours, often in conjunction with other similarly loud colours that come close to clashing with one another. The problem with such a style is that, done incorrectly the wearer runs the risk of looking incredibly garish. However, done correctly, by the likes of Marion Cotillard and Cheryl Cole, the wearer can manage to make their ensemble look both elegant and tasteful. To avoid making any colour blocking errors there are a number of actions the burgeoning fashionista can take. Here are a few:

Colour Block With Your Shoes

colour block shoes

As any style conscious lady will tell you – shoes are often the item of clothing that finished the look of the entire outfit off. As, such, the logic that they can be used as one of the primary sources of colour blocking makes a lot of sense. The use of brightly coloured, and potentially clashing shoes, manages to draw attention both to the vibrant footwear choice itself and also to the rest of the outfit, giving a real eye-catching look to its wearers. At the Dark Knight premier Marion Cotillard made use of her shoes to colour block an outfit by using vibrant reds for her footwear, her purse and her lipstick which managed to pop the more muted colours of her skirt and shirt, giving her and her outfit a warm glow.

Using A Purse To Colour Block

Color Block bags


For those looking for ways to colour block away from their shoes, one way of bringing zest to an ensemble and really make it pop is to use a purse to its utmost sartorial potential. This can be done by wearing a dress and shoes of the same colour and then to accessories with a completely different bold colour for the purse and other accessories. One example of this could be to team a read or orange dress and shoes combination with a green clutch bag. These colours, which should seemingly clash, will actually make both appear even livelier and will create a fun spark to the outfit.

Mismatch Your Skirt and Dress

orange striped summer long skirt collage


An obvious way to achieve a colour blocked look would be to wear a top and a skirt of seemingly mis-matching or contrasting colours. The bolder the selected shades, the better. That the two items of clothing make up roughly one half each of any outfit and have clearly marked lines to signify the beginning and ends of each piece of clothing is a fantastic way to achieve this effect. Due to the fact that, if done correctly, the stark difference in shade between the two items of clothing should be quite eye catching in and of their selves, so for example try teaming a bright orange with a bright blue, accessories aren’t needed as much as in other colour blocking combinations. Whereas the two previously mentioned example utilise accessories to colour block, when so much of the outfit is made of competing colours, any more specifically colour blocking items could either make the ensemble too bust, and hard to look at, or, perhaps, could weigh the outfit in favour of one of the two utilised colours and thus diminish the blocking effect.

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