How To Choose Trendy Items From A Consignment Store

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Buying clothes from a consignment store is perfectly fine now. These stores stock clothes from all over the world and from different designers, but as they have already been worn, they are resold at a much lower rate. As a result, you can literally find trendy clothes, shoes and handbags made by designers from all over the world. However, how do you pick clothes, bags and shoes from a thrift store?

Let’s find out. Make a clear list of what you need — Shopping at a used items store can be confusing. There can be stacks of clothing and you might not really be sure of what you want. We recommend that you make a list of coveted items and search through the used items store on that basis. You can also check with the store owner as they will have a list of items available in the store. Most stores will also have a personal stylist who will search through the items and find matching or similar items as per your list. If you cannot find the right items, we recommend you leave your list with the store owner and they will call you when the item becomes available.

Visit the store regularly. New materials come in often and it’s a good idea to go to the store regularly. The store owner may forget to call you or the items may be priced a little steeply. Browse your favorite consignment stores regularly and you could end up finding really good bargains. Other than your own regular stores, take the time to visit online stores where luxury consignment online goods are sold as well. Online stores may be able to offer a far lower rate as they do not have overheads like rentals and staff salaries.

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Research fashion trends — You should know that fashion is cyclical and it usually follows a 20-year cycle. That means, you should check 20-year-old fashion trends, current trends on the Milan, New York and Paris fashion shows and then go shopping at the local thrift stores. This is exactly what local fashion designers do for inspiration. In fact, these designers also pick up vintage fashions from local stores and repurpose them into their fashion lines. You can do the same at a far lower rate by buying directly from the stores.

Pick a store according to the brands it keeps— gently used stores usually stock items according to the shop owner’s personal taste. That means some stores may keep only high-end brands like Pucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Tom Ford while others may store items from Gap or H&M.

We hope that these few tips have helped you choose the best outfits from a gently used store. Most consignment shop owners are trustworthy and they will check the condition of the outfit before they are listed for sale. However, it is your duty as the buyer to check the item before you purchase. You may not be able to return or resell the item to the company or the store in case the item turns out to have hidden defects.