How To Choose The Right Party Dress

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Have you been invited to the most happening party ever and you have no idea what to wear? Don’t worry – it happens us all. What to wear is one of the first things most women will worry about as soon as they see an invite. If you dash out to buy a suitable dress you might end up getting frustrated trying on dress after dress without being able to find the perfect one.

Here are some tips as to what you should look for when shopping for a party dress:

  • Consider what type of party you are invited to. If it is a formal event, you will need something elegant and classy that will make you look good and feel great. Searching a dress according to the occasion makes it very easy while shopping.
  • Consider the fabric. You do not want something that will make you feel very hot or very cold. Also nothing that will make a crinkling sound while you move. You don’t want to attract attention for the wrong reason.
  • Consider the color when shopping. Where will the party be held, at a hotel under white lights or in the garden etc. Colors reflect differently in different light, so make sure you buy a dress color that reflects you in the right light.
  • Consider the cut of the dress. If you have heavy thighs, opt for a longer dress or if you have a thin waist, go for a dress that has fabric pinched at the waist. Don’t wear clothes that make you feel wrong. Instead opt for a cut that is flattering to your body shape and accentuates your best features. If you are not sure, stick with A-line dresses and long flowing ball gowns that hide your imperfections.
  • Consider the size of the dress. Size eventually matters and no matter how much you diet and how much you pull your stomach in, you will not fit into a size zero if you are a size four. Buy your size which will make you feel comfortable at the party. You do not want to wear something that will rip at the slightest movement.
  • Consider your accessory when you are shopping. A simple dress will look great when matched with a flashy accessory and vice versa. Same goes for your purse and shoes. Always keep these in mind when shopping.
  • And finally, realize no dress is perfect. It is the wearer that makes the dress and not the dress the wearer. Wear your confidence as you grace the party and you will never fret over what to wear at the next party.

Party Dress

Choosing a party dress isn’t always easy, thankfully companies like Goddiva and ebay exist to make things that little bit easier for you. What type of dress do you go for? Let us know by adding your comments below!

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