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This article takes a light-heated yet informative glance at how men can choose great denim styles to build their outfits.

Staying Loyal

If you are a committed wearer of denim then you deserve a round of congratulations for managing to stave off the rising specter of chinos that has seemingly taken a firm grip on men’s wardrobes all around the world. Of course, in order to retain your interest, denim will have to continue evolving so that you remain looking brilliant at all times. If the stage is ever reached where you feel you will look good in chinos, then denim runs the serious risk of losing you forever.

Part of you looking great in denim at all times is your own responsibility. Check out our guide to denims in order to make sure you don’t fall into the common traps.

The Right Fit

The biggest problem men have with denim is getting the correct fit. In some respects this is down to the clothing stores who simply sell jeans labelled as “skinny fit” or “relaxed fit,” yet decline to offer up any information around the sort of man that these would be best suited to.

If you want a classic fit for any look then always go for straight-legged jeans. Guys with a stockier build are best suited to relaxed fits, while low-rise bootcuts are the domain of shorter men looking to add inches to their height.

Once you have mastered the correct fit of jeans for your build, you can begin to experiment and have some fun.

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Colour Clashes

Think about the reason you have shunned chinos and stayed loyal to denim throughout the year. If it is because you cannot be doing with the various colours of chinos, then you may need to adapt your stance a little. Coloured denims are on their way to a men’s style outlet near you as you read this, and will become a key part of style in 2013 and beyond. It is a look you will need to master if you are to avoid the temptation of swapping your denim for chinos.

Beyond Jeans

Obviously, jeans are not the only garment where denim is used – denim jackets and shirts are also set to massive in the coming months.

If you go for a denim jacket, it has to be a light colored one – a distressed wash style is best. This will enable you to carry off double denim if you want to, as well as wear it with formal pants or chinos should you already own a pair.

Use a denim shirt to layer with another shirt, or to wear as the top layer on a mild or warm day. Don’t worry too much about going for light or dark, but look out for styles with detail such as padded shoulders and elbows and colored wash features.

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