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Once upon a time, hearing that you need to wear glasses used to be a seen by most as a fashion travesty. Nowadays, glasses are a fashion accessory and gives women the excuse to try out new pairs of the incredibly cute and sophisticated frames that are available now. But, once you finally find that perfect frame that accentuates your cheekbones and goes perfectly with your style, how do you pick a colour? All you need to do is follow a few basic principles to select the perfect colour that will make your eyes pop and your skin glow.

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Cool Undertones

For girls with rosy, cool undertones, stick to jewel-coloured frames, such as ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue. Try each one to determine which best complements your eyes and hair colour. If you have sensitive skin or have issues with redness in general, steering clear of red and pink shades is wise as they may emphasize the redness.

Warm Undertones

For light-skinned ladies with warm undertones, pale pastels will beautifully accentuate a golden glow, and for those of you with the perfect pale porcelain canvas, stick to darker colours with accents of lighter colours to create a gorgeous contrast against your light skin and look wonderfully sophisticated.

Olive Skin

For lovely olive-skinned ladies, earthy colours straight from nature like beiges, sunshine yellow and mellow greens will add elegance; or go with punchy, bright warmer colours to add pizzazz.

Dark Skin

If you possess wonderfully dark skin, then bright, jewel tones are the way to go for you as they will both create a stunning contrast against your skin and draw attention to your eyes and facial features. Stay away from colours that are too dark as they can be too similar to your skin tone and wash your beautiful face out.

Lastly, if there are just too many colours to choose from and you find yourself overwhelmed, there is a fail-safe alternative that will work for all skin tones: purple. Just be sure to select the right shade and glasses heaven will be yours. For those of you with cool undertones, a sharp, edgy purple or plum like the one used in Esprit 9325 533 Purple available at LensWay.co.uk is the answer. If you are golden, olive, or dark, a lighter, softer, lavender or mauve will make any eye colour pop and create a dazzling contrast against your skin. Look for purples such as the one in the EKLE 831 Purple frames.

There is a wide range of glasses available for all skin tones at LensWay.co.uk

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