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Stylish sofa beds can be found in various different furniture stores across the country and on the internet. That can seem like a great thing, to have lots of choice, however it can then be difficult to finally decide on one that you like. Keeping your initial ideas in mind as to why you need a sofa bed and what you feel looks good, will ensure you do not panic buy or give up altogether!

Why do you need a sofa bed?

Before you make any other decisions, it is important to decide why it is you need a sofa bed in the first place.

Perhaps it is going to be your main sofa in the living room, that can be converted for when friends come to stay. Maybe it is for a spare room, or a bedroom that does not have a lot of space.

People that live in studio flats or bedsits will also like the idea of sofa beds to maximise the space they have. Even those in larger houses may just like the idea of a sofa bed as their main seating and bed combined, to save money as well as space.

most stylish sofa beds

What type of sofa beds do you like?

Once you have decided on the reasons you are buying a sofa bed, as well as the room it is going to be in, you can then make a note of the styles that you like.

Think about the qualities you need from your sofa bed before deciding on designs. It could be that you like a certain type of style, however it is not suitable to sleep two people, or is complicated to put up.

When practical issues have been resolved, you can properly look at designs and materials that suit your taste, budget and the room’s décor. Have a look through websites that have plenty of ideas and a large range, so you can decide what it is you like about each one.

If you want, you can make up a mood board, showing the type of colours, styles and elements that you want to achieve from the sofa bed and the room it is going in.

At this point, it will not matter so much about what websites you are looking at, or where you get your ideas from, it is mainly about forming a good picture of what you want your stylish sofa bed to look like.

Comparing the prices and quality of sofa beds online

Now you have an image in your mind of what you want from a sofa bed, as well as what it is going to look like, it is time to concentrate on the budget side of things.

Keep a set budget in mind, so that you are not persuaded to go over that at all! If you do not mind how much your new sofa bed is going to cost, then it will not matter so much for you to do this.

Take a look through websites that specialise in sofas and sofa beds, as well as those that offer all different types of furniture, to get a good idea of the range in prices.

If you have found the perfect sofa bed, do not impulse buy right away! It is important that you trust the website you are purchasing from, by making sure they have contact details or a customer service team if anything were to go wrong.

Take a look through various reviews of the company, or sofa bed itself, online, to make sure you will be happy with the quality and service when you make your purchase.

Try to avoid price comparison sites as many of them just work as affiliates, meaning that companies pay them to feature highly in their listings.

stylish sofa beds


A sofa bed can be a great addition to any home, especially if you like having people over to stay! Whatever the reason for looking at stylish sofa beds online, make sure you know what it is you need functionality wise before buying.

Looking through lots of different styles and materials can give you some great ideas, however do not get too swamped down in comparing every single detail or you will never get round to making that purchase!


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