How Should Women Dress For A Job Interview?

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It is a situation that the vast majority of us will be familiar with.

We spend a lot of time putting together an awesome resume that will grab a recruitment co-ordinators attention. Then, we nail the telephone interview, certain that we are one-step closer to grabbing the dream job that we have had our eye on for years.

Then, the good news, we have landed an interview. Among all the excitement, we somehow manage to forget that we don’t actually have anything suitable to wear to said interview. Finally, a mad rush ensues as we fight to find something appropriate that will help us to look great and feel confident before facing our ‘moment of truth.’

We put together a number of ideas to help you avoid the stress and ensure that you are always dressed to impress when you head to an interview.

Women Dress

Where’s the Job?

Before you start looking at smart trouser suits and the like, think about where the job is. You might even want to call someone up and try to find out discretely how you should dress for the interview.

If you find that you can turn up in casual attire, then it should be a piece of cake finding something to wear. Your issue might come if you need to go formal. We looked at the two main options.

Dressed in a Dress

Clearly, if you are going to wear a dress to a job interview then it needs to be classy, reserved, and professional looking. While the traditional option in this sense would be a pencil dress, a style such as a kaftan would be a suitable alternative and probably leave you feeling more confident, particularly if a dress isn’t something you would ordinarily wear.

Kaftan dresses are the ultimate when it comes to functionality, and will enable you to effortlessly carry yourself and show that you are the woman for the job.

Suited and Booted

The second main option is going to be the trouser suit. While you could opt to swap out the trousers for a pencil skirt, in that instance you might as well go for the dress, instead.

Many go for a suit so that they ‘fit in’ and appear more powerful. While this shouldn’t be your primary reason for wearing one, if it helps your confidence then go for it. Ensure you avoid over the top styles such as bright pinstripes or patterns, however, and go for a reserved navy blue that you can pair nicely with a white or light pastel shirt.