How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Your Prom?

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The most exciting day of your life has finally arrived. You’re going to your prom and want it to be a night to remember, fancy dresses, stylish tuxedos, hair, make-up, and nails all professionally done. What’s a prom without a limo? All of these things sound amazing, and would make it a night to remember to say the least. However, all these things come at a cost. Prom night can end up costing you a pretty penny. Below is some of the cost that is associated with prom night.

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Cost Involved In Your Big Night

Prom Tickets

Depending on where your prom is being held will be taken into account when setting the price of the tickets. Some proms are held in fancy hotels, a ballroom, or even a nightclub. Believe it or not you would actually be better off if it was held in your schools’ gymnasium. This is because, if the school doesn’t have to rent out a place for the night, it will lower the price of the tickets. If it’s held at your school you may only have to pay $20 for your tickets, where if it’s held in an outside location your tickets could cost you up to $250.

Pre-Prom Dinners

Some proms offer everything, including your dinner. However, when this is not included you may decide to go out with your date, or a group of friends for a dinner. Depending on where you pick, it could become very costly. You want to make reservations at a classy place, since you will be all dressed up. The higher class of the restaurant is the higher price of the food they serve. This means you could be looking at $25 to $130 per person.

Professional Hair, Makeup, Nails

You want to bring your most beautiful self out for this night. It’s your first big event. To help accomplish this you will want to go to a salon and have a professional fuss over your hair, do your makeup to match your dress, and nails that match as well. This all adds up, and fast! For this service, you are looking at around $25-$150 for your hair if you want color or cut done to it, $25-$65 for nails depending if your want fake nails applied, and $25-$35 for your makeup to be professionally done. This adds up to $75-$250 for all your beauty needs.

Your Prom Dress or Tuxedo

Even though you are only wearing this for one night, often in order to feel that you’re getting the full experience you will go all out for your dress. By going all out on your dress you can be expecting to pay anywhere from $100-$400 for your dress and matching shoes and handbag. For the guys, you’re looking at around $75-$200 for your tuxedo rental.

Limousine Rental For The Big Night

 If you decide to rent a limo for the night, the best option is to try to get a group of friends together and go in together on a rental. This will help lower your cost drastically. For your limo, you can expect to pay between $200-$500 for the night. A group of people is definitely the way to proceed for the night.

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