How Lingerie Has Changed

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Lingerie exudes craft, passion and versatility. When done right, these clothes can look absolutely stunning.Its growth is far from sudden, and as time has passed they have become more and more detailed, with a large focus on comfort.

Lingerie is lovely, and so it should be. Over the ages it has become more of a household thing, and is no longer a taboo subject. Designers all over the world have embraced its beauty, and some have even created their own ranges. Here we take a closer look at its timeline.

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The Metamorphosis

In the 19th century, lingerie was just a padded piece of clothing. Back in the day there was more focus on how it functioned as opposed to how it looked. The real change came in the 20th century. Usage as a whole had increased and the quality of the work became a higher priority. There were even a few advertising campaigns that, at first, were seen as slightly controversial.Woman’s rights were finally in place and confidence in women sky rocketed. It is thought that this may have contributed to the rise in interest.

Over all, lingerie was made lighter and more comfortable than in previous years. Elastic was introduced and more and more colours and styles became available. The most famous one of all during this period was the magnificent Wonder Bra. It was first trademarked in 1935 and has been growing in popularity ever since. They were common place in the 90’s, and are still sold today.

The Here And Now

At lot of changes were made in the 21st century. Techniques were tested and refinedto a high standard, which boosted sales tenfold. Today, lingerie isboth comfortable and visually appealing. They are also designed to fit your shape and size to a tee. They are not just being bought for specially occasions either as many professional women are choosing high quality lingerie over standard undies.It gives them a large sense of confidence and makes them feel pretty good.  However, in order to look and feel your best you can’t just pick and choose as you please as certain styles suit different shapes, and certain colours suit certain skin tones. Be sure to look for tips and guidance online.

One of the most popular piecesof lingerie today is the push up bra, to give you a natural lift. Many women swear by it, and it comes in many materials including silk, satin and cotton.Many things will change over time, but women will always want to look fabulous and feel terrific, and as long as there are women, there will always be good quality lingerie just waiting to be worn to its full potential. So girls, go out there are get sassy, cause you are more than worth it!

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