How is Women’s Fashion Evolving in the 21st Century?

Fashion is naturally evolving all the time. Styles for both men and women have undergone a dramatic change over the last century, while huge influences have been seen throughout the last five to ten years alone.

We looked at the biggest changes in women’s fashion over the last few years, and how they will continue to evolve further into the future.

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Casual Styles

The market for casual women’s clothing is bigger than it has ever been before. Even into the late 1990’s there seemed to be an expectation from society that females should always ‘dress to impress’ and that anything other than the smartest clothes would be deemed inappropriate.

Women today are much more empowered than they have ever been before when it comes to ‘dressing down’ and opting for the likes of t-shirts and denim, and the range of great styles available reflects that. Society has also grown to realise that women look great in casual attire, and that to look good a formal dress or other smart clothing is not always required.

Smart, Sassy, Confident

Although casual attire is now the style of choice for a lot of women, the way smarter fashions have evolved means that they too have given females a new lease of life. In the past, garments such as tailoring for women and business suits have looked like they are just a different version of something produced for a man.

Modern smart styles for women are all about the person wearing it. The slate has been wiped clean, so to speak, and today’s clothes give women confidence in wearing garments that genuinely look like they have produced with them firmly in mind.

Other Styles

It isn’t just simple sub-sectors of fashion such as casual or formal that have undergone an evolution. Islamic clothing would be one such example of clothing to have changed massively in recent years. There has historically been a stigma attached to traditional Muslim dress and how it potentially excludes women from integrating with society. However, modern examples of clothes such as kaftan dresses and hijabs combine their traditional element with modern style, colour, and patterns to create garments that can be confidently worn in all settings.

The Future

Many people believe that clothes that harness energy through solar panelling and that don’t need washing offer the next step in fashion evolution. Although on the face of it these sound exciting, it is doubtful whether they will usurp modern trends and the current evolutionary curve anytime soon.

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