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There are often many questions out there on how an antique watch makes it to a watch auction. While it certainly isn’t a complicated process, you should have an understanding of it beforehand, so you’re informed and are able to make good decisions that should help you earn a fair amount for your prized antique watch. So if you’ve asked yourself, “How Do I Sell My Watch?” here are the answers you’re looking for.

Find the Right Outlet

The first step is to contact a watch auction that you trust. Word of mouth, reviews, and industry professionals can help you find one that will coordinate a professional auction and give your watch a presence in order to find the right collector. The more esteem and respect the watch auction has, the greater the likelihood that collectors will learn about your watch, which means more money for you.

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Assessing Value

Once you find a watch auction, the first step is usually an examination by an expert horologist. The horologist will take a look at your watch, examine it for damages and marks, research its provenance, and give an estimate on the value of the watch based on the market. The market for antique luxury watches is incredibly high as more upscale professionals are seeing the value in owning them.

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After the value is assessed, the seller must deliver the watch to the watch auction company. There are usually two ways to go about this. You can have it delivered by mail (make sure to get insurance) or deliver it in person.  From there, the watch auction will require you to sign a contract that outlines the process, commissions, sales, and so on. This is needed in order to protect you and the watch auction.

Time to Find a Buyer

Once these things are completed, it is time to get your watch’s listing out there. The watch auction will list your watch in their catalog and allow people to visit and examine your watch as well as ask horologists questions pertaining to the watch that aren’t in the catalog. You should receive a catalog in the mail for notification.

After the auction is completed, you’ll be made known of the sale and should receive payment within a certain period as dictated in the contract. A professional auction house will provide you with the best way to sell your watch. It will conduct a professional appraisal, market your watch, attract collectors, and coordinate the auction so you can get the most money possible from a collector who will appreciate and take care of your watch. So, if you ever have to ask yourself “How do I sell my watch?” now you know that a professional appraisal and auction is the only way to go.

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