How Bodysuit Shapewear Can Slim Your Figure

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Looking slim no longer requires hours at the gym or a strict diet. With bodysuit shapewear, you can instantly appear toned and feel confident about your figure. Whether worn under a formal dress or an office suit, these garments flatter your body. Bodysuit shapewear allows you to fit into smaller sizes of clothing and makes your figure look thin and seamless. This undergarment eliminates unflattering lumps around the stomach, hips, and thighs. They come in a variety of styles to be worn with any outfit. Shapewear is a necessity for your closet and easily located at your preferred store.

Styles of Shapewear

Bodysuit shapewear comes in different styles for maximum camouflage under your clothes. The classic bodysuit is crafted similar to a one piece bathing suit, with medium thickness of straps, cut around the hips, and total coverage of your stomach and waist. Many classic bodysuits include a built-in bra for support and comfort. This style is helpful for women with larger chests and midsections, and is perfect for wearing under a blouse.


A variation on the classic bodysuit includes shorts-style leggings to control bigger thighs and make you look slim under a skirt or t-shirt dress. The bodysuit shorts are also available without the attached top, so you can wear a spaghetti-strapped shirt and pants and feel great. A popular alternative to this type of bodysuit has a skirt bottom instead of the shorts, flattering your body under a slim-fitting dress.

Another style of shapewear is the convertible bodysuit. With removable straps, you can wear this flattering style under a tube-top dress, or convert the straps to hide under a racer-backed tee. You can find convertible bodysuits with clear bra straps for maximum comfort. The convertible bodysuit may be low-cut around the breasts, giving them lift and support to wear with a revealing shirt or dress. A different spin on this bodysuit includes a low-cut back for dresses or clubwear.

Where To Find Shapewear

Bodysuit shapewear can be found in a number of department stores. Before shopping, decide which version of the bodysuit and color is best for you. Most bodysuits are made in white, black, and nude; however, other shades are also available. For an inexpensive style, look for bodysuits in the lingerie section at stores like JC Penny and Sears. Fancier bodysuits with silk and lace are available at lingerie stores such as Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret. Discount outlets like Walmart frequently carry three packs of bodysuit shapewear for the thrifty bargain shopper.

How To Wear Shapewear

The ultimate goal of shapewear is to slim your figure without being noticed. Bodysuits may be available in different levels of shape control, so figure out if you require light, medium, or firm coverage. Pick out the style of bodysuit with the type of clothing you wear, or want to wear most often so your shapewear can remain virtually invisible. A helpful way of choosing the perfect bodysuit is to wear your favorite outfit to the store and try on the garment underneath. Make sure your shapewear is fully camouflaged and your body looks slim and toned. Bodysuit shapewear is vital for expanding your wardrobe, helping you look your best, and inspiring the self confidence you deserve.

Rebecca Stantz is a freelance writer who studied fashion merchandising in college, and she’s a big fan of Spanx’s shapewearlines.

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