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One of the challenges for aging skin is brown spots that typically occur as a result of sun exposure. nobody can like this on their face ruining their beauty. If you step in for facial treatment it’s progressing to be high on your pocket therefore let’s verify some homemade remedies for those spots which will assist you to appear younger if followed frequently.

Home Remedies

Lemon Juice and Honey

Any beautician can recommend you bleach for whitening impact but it contains variant chemicals that will hamper your skin. It’s fascinating to use natural bleach like lemon and honey as they need natural bleaching properties. Lemon juice may be a potential irritant and honey may be a moisturizer with a multiple edges like anti-inflammatory.

Chick Peas

Interesting recipe for the recovery of brown spots is mashed chick peas. Take 1/3 cup of canned chick peas or boiled chick peas. Mash the chick peas and add slightly water. unfold the paste on the brown spots and once the mixture starts dries rinse it with lukewarm water. Apply this mixture every night for higher results.

Avocado, Cucumber and Carrot Paste

You must have enjoyed salad of cucumber and carrot until currently however currently you’ll additionally use the ingredients for the betterment of your skin. Carrots are the supply of vitamin A and avocado contains healthy fats which will improve the condition of the skin. Cucumber offers soothing and a nourishing impact to your skin. create a mix and use this for nourished and well moisturized skin. Let the paste dry and then take away it with cool water.

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