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Holiday preparations can be exciting but equally frustrating – especially when it comes to packing that suitcase. Your choice of holiday clothes will vary depending on your destination, but according to a recent survey, one trend remains consistent – if you’re a woman, you are more than likely to over-pack, filling your holiday luggage to the brim with clothing for every possible occasion.

This fact certainly sounds a little sexist and stereotypical, but the UK-based study, which surveyed 2000 women, yielded some fascinating statistics about our habits when it comes to holiday clothes. For starters, the average woman will pack her suitcase with up to 28 outfits for a week-long holiday – there’s no denying that’s a lot of clothes!

In the Bag

A woman’s holiday clothing choices will typically include:

• Four dresses
• Six tops
• Two pairs of trousers or jeans
• Four skirts (or pairs of shorts)
• Three swimsuits
And let’s not forget the shoes! These will include:
• Three pairs of sandals or flip-flops
• At least two other pairs of closed, more formal shoes

Ladies are also likely to go shopping for additional holiday clothes during their vacation.

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Quick Changes

The study also revealed that the average woman will change their clothes numerous times in one day while on holiday; this could range from four to seven changes every day! Findings showed that:

• 58% of women change their clothing for practical reasons, to make sure they have suitable clothes for each holiday activity during the day.

• 37% of women simply enjoy wearing different clothes as the day goes on – doubtless it’s a relief to get away from the restrictions of office fashion, and it seems like a good idea to make the most of it.

The problem is, a whopping 80% of women only wear two-thirds of the holiday outfits they’ve chosen – which means those bulging suitcases and cumbersome luggage sets get dragged around a holiday destination with a significant portion of their contents unworn.

Unpacking the Issue

One in ten of the women surveyed said that over-packing and constantly changing their holiday clothes have caused tiffs with their partners while on vacation. To prevent these fashion-fuelled feuds, take the following simple steps:

• Research your holiday destination, and the activities you are planning, to decide which clothes are appropriate to pack; for example, an action-packed ski holiday will have vastly different requirements to a romantic spa getaway.

• Make a checklist of each item you decide to pack, then double check it to be sure that you will really have a need or and opportunity to wear the holiday clothes you’ve chosen. Packing staple items and accessories that can be mixed and matched will help you save plenty of space for souvenirs you might want to take home!

Think practically and you’ll ensure your dream holiday doesn’t become a packing nightmare – holiday clothes shouldn’t get in the way of a vacation, they should be fun to choose and fabulous to wear!

Nicky Warner is an enthusiastic lifestyle and fashion blogger; she loves her wardrobe, but knows she can’t expect to pack every single one of her silk dresses when preparing for a holiday!

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